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By Karen Chiang | November 15th, 2016

If you need a dose of local food without the touristy price tags, Sham Shui Po is the shrine of good eats for Hongkongers — and we’ve got the ultimate list to get you going (dai pai dong stalls notwithstanding).

Essentially, a lot of the good stuff is concentrated on one road in SSP. Navigate your way to Fuk Wing Street from Sham Shui Po MTR exit D2 and start from there.

1.Hei Hei Mei Sik | 囍囍美食 

Hei Hei might look just like any other street food store offering siu mai and innards, but the real treasure here is their grilled skewers covered in cumin and spices. From just $10 a pop, you can take your pick of a myriads of skewers, with the most popular choices being pork neck, chicken cartilage and chicken wings.

125 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po.

2. Semua Semua |蘇媽.蘇媽 

Craving a good nasi lemak? The tiny kitchen wedged in an alleyway between two Chinese restaurants serves up some authentic Malaysian dishes, including satays, curry chicken, silver needle noodles (老鼠粉), and even the rare otak otak.

Shop F3, 143 Kwei Lin Street, Sham Shui Po; 2350-5833

Semua Semua's Curry Noodle Soup
Semua Semua’s Curry Noodle Soup


3. Sup Bat Jor Gau Jai Fun | 十八座狗仔粉  

gou zai fun

Recommended by the Michelin guide, this shop’s got street food you should definitely try. In a nutshell, 十八座‘s signature dish is a hearty bowl of glutinous rice noodles (gau jai fun) in a thick soup with a helping of mushrooms, dried shrimp, minced meat and Chinese chives. Considered a retro item, gau jai fun has been a comfort food for locals for decades.

88 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po.

4. Moon Chuen | 滿串自家醃制串燒店 

滿串自家醃制串燒店's grilled fresh scallops
滿串自家醃制串燒店’s grilled fresh scallops

If you’re visiting SSP late at night and want a sit-down place to chill and chat with your mates, head to 滿串自家醃制串燒店| Moon Chuen. With both indoor and outdoor seating available, you can enjoy some made-to-order grilled skewers and seafood under the stars, and wash it all down with a couple of beers too.

Shop B, G/F, 46 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po, 2361-0002. 

5.Man Kee Cart Noodles | 文記車仔麵 

Man Kee Cart Noodles in Sham Shui Po
Man Kee Cart Noodles in Sham Shui Po

Among the few cart noodle stores in the area, Man Kee hands down has the best toppings and soup base. In fact, we’ll wager to say that it serves the best cart noodles ever. Just make sure you get the chicken wings, and avoid their new branch next door. Always, always aim for the slightly rundown-looking one with a constant queue outside.

G/F, 121 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po.

6. Ma Ma Lat Lat | 嫲嫲辣辣 

ma ma lat lat
嫲嫲辣辣’s dry stir-fry

Fans of spicy food can sit down and get ready for an epic meal at 嫲嫲辣辣, known for its giant bowls of dry stir-fry (gawn waw 干鍋) where you can pick what goes in it. We recommend the cumin (孜然) base instead of the usual numbing spice (mala 麻辣) for a heavy kick. Definitely add some vegetables into the mix — they pick up all the amazing sauces and flavors in the dish.

G/F, 105 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, 2394-4332.

7. Wai Kee Noodle Cafe  | 維記咖啡粉麵 

Constantly with a long queue waiting outside, Wai Kee is where locals go to feast for weekend lunches. The pig liver and beef noodle is what draw the crowds, but if that’s not something up your alley, it’s still worth a visit for the beef noodles and kaya French toast.

G/F, 62 & 67 Fuk Wing Street and Shop D, G/F, 165-167 Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po, 2387-6515. 

8. Sun Long | 生龍清湯腩 

Love a good beef brisket? Sun Long is known for their MSG-free clear broth with soft and flavorful beef brisket that’s been cooked to perfection. You can opt for different parts of the brisket, as well as pair it with rice or noodles. Pick the tomato soup for a tangy base that opens up your appetite right away and wash it all down with a classic can of Coke.

G/F, 99 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, 2729-3020.

9. Chuen Mei | 川味美食 

If you’re getting bored of the usual Chinese pick-and-mix noodles, head to Chuen Mei | 川味美食 for a taste of its signature bouncy sweet potato noodles (紅薯粉) dressed in spicy sauce and minced meat paste, along with any toppings you choose to add.

G/F, 60 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po.

10. Kung Wo Salted Bean Curd Factory | 公和荳品廠 

Kung Wo Salted Bean Curd Factory via Flickr (jeanyim)
Kung Wo Salted Bean Curd Factory via Flickr (jeanyim)

This is a bonus if you’re here during daytime or early evening. Hit up Kung Wo for the look and taste of nostalgic Hong Kong. Sit down among and enjoy a bowl of tofu pudding and some fried bean curd, just like grandma used to.

G/F, 118 Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po, 2386-6871.