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By Faye Bradley | February 26th, 2020

It may surprise some to hear about Hong Kong’s increasing demand for vegan and vegetarian food, in a city where meat seems to be embedded in every menu. Times are changing, however, and you can forget all your preconceptions of bland veganism – restaurants have stepped up their game to provide not only tasty alternatives to meat dishes, but also meals that are lauded for their health benefits, nutrients and ingredients. Eat your way to a healthy heart at these vegan-friendly hotspots in Hong Kong.

Miss Lee

Cantonese vegan food better than you could ever imagine

Who says Cantonese food can’t be vegan? Breaking cuisine stereotypes, contemporary restaurant Miss Lee serves plant-based cuisine in a retro 1970s setting, decked in a cool, pop-pastel palette. The restaurant, however, doesn’t stray from its traditional roots, serving classic delicacies like sweet and sour bean curd and steamed lotus leaves with a healthy twist. Try their lunch set for a one to three-course vegan spread.

G/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington St, Central, 2881 1811, 


Greenwoods Raw Cafe

As raw as it gets

For those looking to cleanse their diet, Greenwoods Raw Café will do just that, offering 100% uncooked, vegan-friendly dishes to keep things clean and simple. The restaurant uses local and organic ingredients and specializes in gluten-free eating for a healthy – and tasty – experience for all.

13/F, 2 Carnarvon Road Tsim Sha Tsui, 3428 2416, 


Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

For those who love to nibble a bit of everything…sharing platters galore

There’s no dispute that Indian cuisine masters flavorful vegetarian and vegan dishes, thanks in part to its abundance of spices and herb-infused ingredients. Serving southern Indian specialties, Woodlands Vegetarian is situated in East Tsim Sha Tsui and offers a menu of delightful hot curries, gigantic paper dosas, and rich spinach — if you’re wanting to go that extra mile, the Jain restaurant will offer just that.

UG 16, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2369 3718, 


Genie Juicery

Did someone summon a genie with all the juices you could wish for?

Situated in the upscale IFC, Australian-owned Genie Juicery is your one-stop shop to all things healthy. Besides its robust variety of cold-pressed juices, nut milks, and superfood smoothies, the juicery is home to a selection of raw, vegan cuisine including veggie-nourishing salads and snacking granola balls for pre-and-post workout feeding. Try out one of the full-day juice cleanses for a detox, with results.

2096B, IFC 8 Finance St, Central, 5111 2041, 


Mirror & Vegan

Italian vegan food? Yes, please.

Italian hub Mirror & Vegan reinvents traditional dishes like risotto and spaghetti bolognese with a plant-based twist — think falafel “mince” and soy-milk cream in lieu of meat and dairy, making the dishes a healthier alternative to greasy pizzas and slabs of cheese. Expect to feel presently surprised and fulfilled from its flavorsome options.

9/F, 118 Queen’s Road Central, 2868 0810, 



Locofama delights

Locofama may not be exclusively vegan, but the restaurant hosts a variety of vegan-friendly options to cater for plant-based foodies. Expect a delicious, nutritious menu here, centered around the brand’s concept of quality, organic produce. Favorites include the Fama Bowls (think tofu patty salads and miso eggplants) to the mix-and-match Buddha bowls.

9, 13 Fuk Sau Ln, Sai Ying Pun, 2547 7668,