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By Ashley Soo | August 8th, 2022

Sometimes jokingly called the “Mooncake Festival”, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is slowly approaching. If you are still wondering where to get your mooncakes to celebrate the festival, we’ve got your back! Whether you are looking for the more traditional mooncakes or are ready to take some risk and try something new, this guide is all that you need. 

Spring Moon, The Peninsula Hong Kong

Image: Spring Moon

It wouldn’t be fair if Spring Moon doesn’t make it to the top of the list. Besides its famous custard mooncakes, the Michelin-starred restaurant presents a new Sesame Paste Mochi Mooncake this year to offer that extra chewy texture you are looking for. 

Golden Leaf, Conrad Hong Kong

Image: Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf collaborates this year with the award-winning local distillery Two Moons to celebrate the festival with a gin mooncake gift box. Besides Red Bean Paste with Mandarin Peels and Egg Yolk, the set also includes Creamed Egg Yolk with Gin mooncakes which flaunt the unmistakable citrusy fragrance and a hint of gin taste, capturing both traditional and innovative flavors in one box. Pair your festive treats with the mini bottles of Two Moons’ Signature Dry Gin and Calamansi Gin that come with the set for maximum enjoyment.

Date by Tate

Image: Date by Tate

Another Michelin-starred restaurant TATE Dining Room joins this year’s offerings with a limited edition pastry giftbox curated by Chef-patron Vicky Lau and Head Pastry Chef Graff Kwok. Besides the star of the show, the mooncake-shaped dark chocolate with Marie biscuit, inside the artfully designed wooden box you would find Osmanthus sablés (9 pieces), pecan cookies (12 pieces), pistachio marshmallow biscuits (12 pieces), chrysanthemum caramel milk jam and orange and aged mandarin peel marmalade. Personalize the gift with a message to spoil your loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival.

T’ang Court

Image: The Langham

T’ang Court at The Langham, also a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant, treats its connoiseur guests with Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes and White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks Mooncakes. Coming in a coveted series of exclusive collectable floral boxes, the sweet treats from The Langham will make for the best gift to your beloved family.

Say Hey Bakery

Image: Say Hey Bakery

And if you are a supporter of traditional mooncake flavors like myself, you would have to try those from Say Hey Bakery. Staying true to the taste of Hong Kong, the bakery presents a variety of delight in the flavors of the familiar white lotus seed paste with egg yolks, Chinese ham with nuts and red bean paste with egg yolks. Of course, Say Hey also takes care of its customers who are ready to try something new with its tea-flavored mooncakes and the ones rich in peanut butter. What makes it the perfect gift this year is its packaging — who doesn’t love a good mooncake-themed meme? 

Green Common

Image: Green Common

For readers with a plant-based diet, Green Common has always been our most loyal friend whenever it comes to vegan festive foods. Without absence, Green Common presents a vegan variety of mooncakes, including custard and green tea flavors, to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this year while taking care of our planet Earth. 

Image: Patisserie La Lune

It is no exaggeration to say Patisserie La Lune mooncakes are Hong Kong’s favorite in recent years. Besides offering its famous custard and other traditionally flavored mooncakes, the patisserie celebrates the festival this year also with Trappist Dairy and Youtuber group Pomato with limited edition mooncake gift boxes. Patisserie La Lune is also presenting durian mooncakes and vegan custard mooncakes to share the joy with people of different diets.


Image: Sage

Even though we all love mooncakes, they can be quite greasy and cause gastritis, which it’s not a great feeling. And that’s why the best compliment to the festive treat is a nice cup of tea. Local tea house Sage presents Mid-Autumn Festival gift sets, including the flavor of mooncake of your choice and Magnolia Oolong tea, infusing your snack break with a light tea fragrance. If you are here purely for the tea, you might also want to try Sage’s Oolong tea-infused mooncakes!


Image: Moonwell

Not a fan of Chinese tea? Moonwell’s Mid-Autumn Festival offerings might just be what you need. The house brings enjoyable medical food to this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival with Manuka honey mooncakes, together with a vegetarian Chinese soup made with Agaricus, nuts, dates and dried tangerine peel to take care of your health while you enjoy the festivities. 

Creo by Brentwood

Image: Creo by Brentwood

For those who enjoy mixing new flavors with the old should already have Creo by Brentwood’s mooncake giftsets on your radar. This Mid Autumn Festival, the newly opened café serves the traditional treat in three unique flavors: Manuka Honey Egg Custard, Earl Grey Tea Custard and Coffee Lava Custard. And if you are dining in, you would have to try some of the House’s mooncake-inspired seasonal drinks, including Moonbeam, an iced Indonesian Sumatra coffee with grapefruit juice and pink syrup; Moonlight, an earl grey tea drink with dots of custard and a salted egg crumb topping; and Moonset, a chrysanthemum latte topped with coconut flake marshmallow.

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