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By Partner Content | July 20th, 2022

Coffee is a modern-day essential. While many of us are keen on keeping up with new café openings across Hong Kong, some of us have decided to take it a step further to personalize the experience at home. And the foundation of that would be quality beans. Whether your goal is to recreate the all-around café experience or to save a few bucks from the Starbucks next to work, these local coffee roasters will facilitate that, all while promising quality coffee. 

Post has been updated on 21 April 2023.


Photo: BeanCurious

BeanCurious roasts specialty coffee beans for drip and pour-over every week. They source sustainable coffee from around the world, including some rare, award-winning coffees. Fine-tune your beans to the roast level and quantity you want. Shipped in compostable bags because coffee should be packed with flavor, not plastic.

Urban Coffee Roaster

Image: Urban Coffee Roaster

Catering to both home baristas and corporate clients, Urban Coffee Roasters promises green coffee sourcing beans from all over the world in East Africa, America and Asia. Take advantage of UCR’s knowledge of coffee and try out three different cans of coffee of the house roaster’s pick by subscribing to either the Filter Coffee or Espresso Bean Monthly Subscription Plan. It would also be a great chance to try out UCR’s café fares when you pick up your grounded coffees in-store if you haven’t already! 

Ninetys Roastery

Image: Ninetys Roastery

Awarded MasterChef Recommendation Restaurants in Asia from 2019 for three years in a row, and also a winner of our 30 Best Eats 2020, Ninetys Roastery is a café concept found in all districts in Hong Kong. From coffee drip bags to coffee beans, the house aspires to bring quality coffees into the homes of both casual drinkers and coffee experts. You would also find a selection of homemade bread and beers on the Ninetys’ e-shop to add to your breakfast table. 


Image: Crew

Opening doors in Wan Chai in 2020 and then in Central, Crew aspires to bring the neighborhoods together with quality coffee. From Crew’s online shop, coffee lovers will be open to a selection of grounded coffees, drip bags, teas, bottled cold brews, as well as sweet delicacies to go with your drinks. If you have already tried Crew’s coffees and know you love them, buying monthly subscriptions of the crew’s pick of single-origin coffee or the house blend will certainly be the most time-efficient. 

Brew Note Coffee Roaster

Image: Brew Note Coffee Roaster

Brew Note Coffee Roaster was first known by the North Point locals before opening its doors to those in West Kowloon, CUHK and HKBU. Besides monthly subscriptions of light and medium roasts that maximize the sweetness in the coffee beans, the house also puts together gift boxes and travel sets, which make great gifts for beginner home baristas and picky coffee drinkers. 

Sensory House Coffee Roastery

Image: Sensory House

If you want to up your game in coffee, look no further than Sensory House Coffee Roastery. A local roastery as well as academy that hosts workshops and events training baristas, Sensory House is where you will find professional-grade beans and the coffee machine of your dream. 

Cupping Room

Image: Cupping Room

Cupping Room, the award-winning small batch speciality coffee roastery, would be the name most coffee lovers in Hong Kong are familiar with. Started as a café in 2011, the house has now become one of the city’s most popular roasters more than a decade later. With its capsules, coffee drip bags, grounded coffee and coffee beans available even in supermarkets, Cupping Room has made locally roasted beans more accessible.

Craft Coffee Roaster

Image: Craft Coffee Roaster

Founded in 2013 by the award-winning barista duo, Craft Coffee Roaster is a micro local roaster and café that serves green and a variety of single-origin coffees. Paying tribute to agriculture, the house gives a detailed story behind its beans, as well as their taste profiles.

Coffee + Tales

Image: Coffee + Tales

Aspired to introduce its guests to speciality coffee, Coffee + Tales makes brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home so much easier. To answer the needs of all coffee drinkers, the house offers three different sizes in both its Filter and Espresso Subscriptions, bringing the coffee of its customers’ choice in the perfect amount. Casual drinkers would also be impressed by the Colombia Manos Juntas coffee, which flaunts a sweet and winey aroma of cranberry and cherry in every drip bag.

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