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By Ashley Soo | April 12th, 2022

It’s Easter season! For our fellow foodies with a sweet tooth, this is the best time of the year to eat all the sweet delights you want without feeling guilty. Hong Kong, a city known for its great food that ranges from Michelin-starred fine dines to street food, surely won’t disappoint when it comes to artisan chocolate. Source your festive treats from one of these local chocolatiers to support small businesses during this challenging time! 


Photo: Choco Next

Surprise yourself with wasabi+salt, dried seaweed+salt or sansho, and other Choco Next-exclusive flavors this Easter. With all the dainty delight of uniquely divine flavors sitting inside the packages crafted by renowned local designer Tommy Li, Choco Next’s wonder boxes are the best seasonal gift that will liven up any Easter gathering. 

Chokohood Craft Chocolate

Photo: Chokohood

Chocohood is the one if you are a fan of single-origin chocolate and can use a good café experience. Also serving choco tea latte, cocoa tea and more chocolate drinks sourced from all over the world, and located in the Tai Hang neighborhood, the house helps the pace of life to slow down in the city with only the best confectionery. 

Slok Chocolate

Photo: Slok Chocolate

And there’s absolutely no problem if you want to bring single-origin bonbons home. All handcrafted in Hong Kong from bean to bar, Slok’s offerings bring flavors of Brazil, India, the Philippines and Vietnam with a Hong Kong twist to your goodies bag. And who says Easter sweets are for the little ones only? Treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate with a dash of whiskey using the house’s cacao powder after the big family dinner — this might be one of the few good things about being of age. 


Photo: Chukulik

For those who don’t already know, Chukulik (zyu1 gu2-1 lik6-1) is how you pronounce “chocolate” in Cantonese. The local brand adopts Hong Kong culture not only in its name but also in its flavor design by serving bars with the aroma of traditional snacks like dried sweet plums. Made in Hong Kong from Valrhona chocolate from France, Chukulik’s offerings are a Hongkonger must-try this Easter. 

Conspiracy Chocolate

Photo: Conspiracy Chocolate

All made in Hong Kong for chocolate enthusiasts, the house’s craft chocolate is made from bean to bar inspired by the couple founders’ Swiss culture and Mediterranean spices. Also serving cacao tea blend and the world’s first single-origin chocolate liqueur, the house conspires to infuse your diet with only the best cacao aromas until they are indivisible. 

Hakawa Chocolate

Photo: Hakawa Chocolate

Chocolate bars, drinkable chocolate, or even chocolate-flavored Turkish delight — Hakawa Chocolate has it all. Different from most chocolatiers, the house serves aged chocolate made from only the top-class cacao beans that are richer in flavor. Pre-order Hakawa Chocolate by popping them a message for now and stay close to its socials for more updates on the online shop! 

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