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By Yannie Chan | April 28th, 2021

A little sweet, a little sour, tomato noodle soups are the perfect antidote to a sluggish day. The cha chaan teng staple not only stimulates your appetites, but is also comforting at the same time. We round up the best tomato noodle soups in town.

Red Object 蕃茄仔

A specialty restaurant offering only tomato noodle soup, Red Object is a fairly new shop in Causeway Bay. Their bright and thick tomato soup is stewed daily from fresh tomatoes at their kitchen, and the menu offers a choice of ten toppings to go with the tomato noodle, including “beef monster mix” (牛魔王雙拼), premium Angus beef chuck (特級安格斯牛肩胛), and charcoal roasted chicken (炭烤風味雞扒). Other than regular Shanghai and knife cut noodles, you can also opt for Japanese somen and udon. For those that want something even more refreshing, try the cold noodles (秘製黃金蕃茄清湯冷麵) or the tomato lo mein (惹味拌麵).

Image courtesy of Red Object

G/F, 5 Haven Street, Causeway Bay

Tomato C Hing 番茄師兄

Image courtesy of Tomato C Hing

A beloved establishment in Sham Shui Po, Tomato C Hing means “tomato bros” in Cantonese. People not only come for the rich and thick tomato soup — prepared from fresh tomatoes and beef daily — but also for the wide variety of toppings. Whether you’re a beef, seafood or mushroom lover, there will be something on the menu for you. Beef enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the “real gentlemen” (犇犇有禮) which comprises of three premium beef cuts.

G/F, 255 Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po

Cafe Seasons 四季常餐

We’ve heard so many positive reviews for this Central cha chaan teng, which is known for its delicious CCT-style food but much more comfortable interior. Their signature tomato soup with beef and macaroni (四季茄牛通) is made with a mix of Italian and local tomatoes, and you can still taste the texture of fresh tomatoes in the soup. It’s sweet, sour, with a touch of savory.

Image courtesy of Cafe Seasons

Cafe Seasons is dedicated to improving their recipes and offers a lot more than tomato noodle soups. You can find all the classic CCT staples in here, and we especially enjoy the rich and creamy scrambled eggs and char siu rice, as well as satay beef noodles.

G/F, 88 Des Voeux Road Central, Central

Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園

The iconic green-tin dai pai dong in Central is best known for their tomato soup noodles and toasts. While the the food here may not taste as refined as some of the establishments listed above, it has the classic and comforting taste that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. Choose from dozens of toppings for your noodles, from beef and chicken wings to fried eggs and spam.

G/F, 2 Mei Lun Street, Central

Hao Tang Hao Mian 好湯好麵

Image courtesy of Hao Tang Hao Mian

Tucked away in a small Tai Wai street, Hao Tang Hao Mian — meaning “good soup good noodles” — is a Michelin’s Bib Gourmand selection in 2021. Founded by a former sous chef at Four Seasons’ Caprice, the shop only sells 12 types of soup noodles, including beef bone broth, fish broth, lobster broth, and of course, tomato noodle soup with fried eggs and double-boiled ox tonge.

G/F, 20 Chik Chuen Street, Tai Wai

Star Cafe 星座冰室

One of the last remaining bing sutts in the city, Star Cafe has been making its famous tomato soup noodles for over 50 years. Their tomato soup with beef and macaroni is the star item and what at least half of your fellow restaurant-goers will be ordering. Made from fresh tomatoes and pork bones, the soup is rich and satisfying. Many regulars add a scrambled egg to turn it into this creamy and thick tomato sauce, which looks slightly unappetizing but actually pairs fantastically with noodles.

Shop No. 36, Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui