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By Ashley Soo | September 19th, 2022

Hong Kong lads have a distinctive way of dressing that emphasizes utility and comfort. Besides your regular Uniqlo white tee and Dunk low kicks, here are some local functional-wear brands that can certainly elevate your autumnal wardrobe and save you from the awkward situation of being accidentally dress-coded. 

Wagamama Playground

Image: Wagamama Playground

Founded in 2002, Wagamama Playground is known for incorporating comfort and utility into everyday wear. Readers with an eye for fashion would find the House’s relaxed silhouettes familiar — that’s probably due to Wagamama’s frequent appearance on TV and in MVs on some of our favorite artists, such as Endy Chow, Alfred Hui, and more!

Address: 29 Haven St, Causeway Bay


Image: Luddite

Luddite is another local brand you should pay a visit to if you are already in Haven Street. Whether you are looking for some vintage clothing and accessories to enrich your wardrobe with stories or are hoping to elevate your looks with unique designs, Luddite will not disappoint. It’s even better if you are a fan of vintage western style — be prepared to get overwhelmed by Luddite’s offerings!

Address: 25 Haven St, Causeway Bay

Lane Eight

Image: Lane Eight

Designed to assist you in your daily workout session as well as other high-intensity activities, Lane Eight’s trainers could be found in every active person’s collection. The House first introduced the city to Trainer AD1, the original model that is 100% sustainable with a seamless sock-like fitting. Having received international recognition, Lane Eight presents its second model, HIIT Trainer, designed specifically to support you during high-performance gym sessions. 

Address: LG/F, 14 St Francis St, Wan Chai


Image: Botanist

For those who are looking for that one outfit that rocks in all situations, make sure you check out the 2017-founded Botanist. Prioritizing utility without compromising style, Botanist’s creations are instantly recognizable by their earth tone colors, functional details and an abundance of pockets. Serving both your everyday and outdoor needs, the unisex offerings at Botanist will be a great pick for the active bunch.

Address: Room 1302-03, Pakpolee Commercial Centre, Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok


Image: Pafader

A great agent to up your game in fashion, Pafader employs peculiar shapes in its utilitarian everyday pieces. If you are ready to spice up your wardrobe but still have an all-black protocol to follow, Pafader will be an easy introduction to futuristic utilitarian style. 

Shop Pafader online.

Blacklist 852

Image: Blacklist 852

The locally designed and made Blacklist 852 is another young brand you should know. Established in 2019, the House injects urban aesthetics unique to the city into streetwear. Considering utility one of its major appeals, the Blacklist creations are known for their reversible styles and are never short of everyday pieces like denim and hoodies. 

Shop Blacklist 852 online.


Image: Comrade

And if you are ready to expand your territory to explore new brands outside of Hong Kong, Comrade will be your guide. The select shop is home to numerous niche fashion and lifestyle brands from Japan and Europe, such as AFFXWRKS, Public Possession and orSlow. 

Shop Comrade online.


Image: ZYPHR

Of course, we are not going to miss ZYPHR. Hong Kong’s first performance sportswear brand, the House places great emphasis on technicality, functionality and comfort. Working with professional athletes, the brand is here to serve if you hoping to update your sportswear collection with some quality pieces outside of the big-named brands. 

Shop ZYPHR online or at various locations.

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