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By Shimron Singh | February 22nd, 2023

Netflix just keeps on giving. Let’s delve into what’s on Netflix in February for all you chronic bingers.

Netflix is a god-send with films & series that are binge-worthy and we’re always on the lookout for a good one. With plenty of classics and new ones out currently, we’re sharing our top picks of February so far, so that you can add them to your list.

You: Season 4 Part 1 & 2

What's On Netflix in February

Sigh, Netflix’s antagonist Joe has really taken New Year, New Me to a whole different level. This time, he’s in London as a University professor but his past continues to haunt him. We won’t say anymore and spoil it for you.

Physical 100

What's On Netflix in February

100 contestant from South Korea in top form competes in a series of Squid games-like challenges (of course without the death involved). The last one standing wins the cash prize and claims the honor.


What's On Netflix in February

Our phone holds out life. What if someone else gets a hold of your phone and wreaks havoc? This Korean thriller movie shows us the dark side of modern technology and uses it against us. Definitely a must-watch.


‘On the Block’ paved the way so that ‘Freeridge’ can walk. Freeridge is set in, well, Freeridge and it features 4 teens uncovering the mystical truths as they accidentally unleashed a curse. Honestly, this comedy series is one heck of a watch!

African Queens: Njinga

Produced and narrated by Jada Pinkett Smith, African Queens: Njinga features the story of the warrior Queen Njinga who fought against Portuguese colonization when expanding their slave trade. This powerful docuseries features reenactments & exclusive interviews.

Perfect Match

This messy, competition reality TV show has got us hooked! Paired-up couples prove their compatibility through challenges and gain the ability to make or break other couples in this cutthroat competition. You may see some familiar faces from Love is Blind and The Circle. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure.

Featured image by Thibault Penin.

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