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By Shimron Singh | March 13th, 2023

M+, Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture has unveiled its spring upcoming screenings from April to June 2023. M+ Cinema strives for diverse viewing experiences that enrich audiences’ encounters with an appreciation for visual culture.

What’s on at M+ this Spring

Thinking Global, Acting Local: Ecology on Film

M+ this Spring

Through documentaries, fiction, and artist films, this thematic program investigates the future of human-nature relationships from three perspectives: global, local, and non-human.

From Surge to Burst: Japan’s Frenetic Years

M+ this Spring

Inspired by the M+ exhibition Things, Spaces, Interactions in the East Galleries, this program focuses on films that are closely linked to 1980s–90s Japan. These films speak to the ingenuity and prosperity of the era when the world looked up to Japan for its technological advancement. Yet the dark undercurrent in many of these films foreshadowed the ‘lost decade’ that followed the burst of the economic bubble. 


M+ this Spring

This recurring series features experimental works that cross formal and conceptual boundaries and include both foundational and emerging figures. This edition features Visual Breathwork: The Films of Daïchi Saïto, a compilation of three shorts by Daïchi Saïto, who won the 2016 Tiger Award for Short Films with Engram of Returning (2015).

Fresh Eyes

M+ this Spring

This new recurring series offers audiences a glimpse into the enchanting world of animation and moving image that inspires and appeals to families, younger audiences, and those who are young at heart.

Screen Encounters

M+ this Spring

This thematic program gives filmmakers the opportunity to share works that have influenced their careers and practice. In this new edition, internationally celebrated Hong Kong artist and animator Wong Ping will present his recent work, alongside chosen favorites produced by other artists and filmmakers. The one-off screening in early May 2023 will be followed by a discussion with the artist.

M+ Grand Stair—Stair in the Dark 

M+ this Spring

Once a month on a Friday evening, Stair in the Dark offers a cinematic and relaxed atmosphere at the Grand Stair. This new edition reveals how French actress Sophie Marceau made her screen debut as a Parisian teenager dealing with family and puppy love in La Boum (1980). The program also explores director Gakuryu Ishii’s (formerly known as Sogo Ishii) reimagination of Tokyo as an anarchic wasteland with warring punk bands and other violent fractions in Burst City (1982). The two films will be shown once in May and June 2023 respectively.

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