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By Yannie Chan | July 14th, 2020

Thanks to the city’s notoriously high rent, many small local brands never make it to the big shopping malls, sticking instead to online shops and weekend markets. That is what makes this new pop-up shop Green Bitch (Facebook/Instagram) especially exciting: a one-stop-shop carrying more than 14 local brands selling eco-friendly products made in Hong Kong.  

Zero-packaging skincare products by Good Day Society

Green Bitch is a passion project from the people behind local upcycling brand Saupei and online swap platform Jupyeah — Kimi, Kodi, and Ren, who call themselves the “Green Bitches” (The name comes from the shop number 438; 38 in Chinese means “bitches”). 

“We call ourselves Green Bitches because we want to help ‘Kong Girls’ build a sustainable lifestyle,” the trio explains. The three women, all veterans in the Hong Kong eco-friendly community, believe that you can practice sustainability without sacrificing style. Their shop stocks products that they use regularly themselves. “We are very familiar with these brands, but it’s hard for others to purchase all these amazing made-in-Hong Kong products.” 

Featuring more than 14 local brands, the shop sells products from zero-packaging skincare and homemade soap from Good Day Society to Hyginova disinfectant sprays, Mil Mill toilet rolls made from recycled paper, and reusable menstrual cloth pads from Happeriod. The pop-up will last for three months until the end of September. 

Top 3 Products from Green Bitch

Reusable cloth masks by Saupei

Saupei reusable cloth masks HKD98

The cloth masks are made from three layers of cotton with a water-absorbent lining and a slot for filters. They also sell Evolon 100 filters, which can be washed for up to 50 times. There are various sizes to suit your face size and shape.

Zero-packaging skincare products by Good Day Society

Sage makeup remover by Good Day Society HKD3/mL

Good Day Society has a shop based in Wan Chau’s Foo Tak Building. Its line of zero-packaging skincare products include lotions, makeup remover, homemade soaps, dish soaps and more. Their best-selling item is the sage makeup remover (above). Remember to bring your own bottles!

Coconut Matter deodorant

Coconut Matter Deodorant HKD140

The local brand’s whole line of products is plastic-free. The deodorants and lipsticks are encased in paper tubes instead. The deodorant is among the best-selling items at Green Bitch.  

Green Bitch
Shop 438, Rise Shopping Arcade, 5-11 Granville Circuit, Tsim Sha Tsui, 1pm-8pm