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By Gayatri Bhaumik | November 27th, 2019

[updated November 2019]

Sorry, Grinches. If you haven’t got the holiday spirit, you’ll want to stop reading right here. We’re nearly in December, which means Christmas has officially taken over everything. And that includes our TV screens. Ever year, we’re treated to a plethora of holiday movies, and with streaming programs, it’s become easier than ever to get our fix. Here are just a few of the Christmas movies on Netflix now. So pour a mug of mulled wine, break out the minced pies, and snuggle up on the couch and get ready to watch the cheesiest feel-good flicks of the year. Happy viewing!

Let It Snow

A snow storm. A meet-cute with a case of mistaken identity. A rising pop star. A sick parent. A Columbia University prospect. And a case of unrequited love. This brand new Netflix flick really does have all the Christmas tropes.

The Knight Before Christmas

A medieval knight meets an “old crone” who transplants him to modern-day American to find his one true love. Oh, and Vanessa Hudgens plays the primary school teacher with an impossibly huge house who takes him in – and falls in low.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

The original Netflix’s first cult holiday movie, and boy are they milking it. The King and Queen of Aldovia return for a third cheesy-but-good-vibes-inducing turn. And this time, their lives are about to get turned upside down with a squaling new addition to the family. In the meantime, they have to find a 600-year-old treaty and ratify it before midnight, or their first-born will be cursed.


A cold, dark town. A Grinch-like postman. And a reclusive toymaker. Can everything be turned around in time to save Christmas? Of course, the answer is always yes.

Jake Whitehall: Christmas with My Father

You might already know Jack Whitehall and his father from their irreverent “Travels with my Father” show. This holiday season, they’re bringing their wisecracking, naughty humor to Netflix audiences around the world, with help from veteran British actor Hugh Bonneville and the Queer Eye cast.

The Holiday Calendar

Netflix’s first original holidays movie this year sees a talented photographer inherit an antique (and magical, natch) Advent calendar that seems to predict the future – and may just lead her to love.

Christmas with a View

She’s a restaurant manager at a ski resort. He’s the new chef with a hidden past. When they meet at a snow-covered ski resort, all bets are off as the holiday magic takes over.

The Christmas Chronicles

When a brother and sister crash Santa’s sleigh, they have to pull double-duty to save Christmas.


Love Actually

This classic Christmas movie hardly needs an introduction. Stalking, cheating, disappointed love…as well as snow-covered kisses, foreign romances and Hugh Grant in that dancing scene. Now this is a Christmas movie for the ages.

Christmas Inheritance

A spoiled New York heiress is sent to a small town to prove herself before being allowed to inherit her father’s company. Life lessons, a holiday romance, and small town charm in one cutesy movie? We’ll take it!

How Sarah Got Her Wings

When Sarah dies in a pre-Christmas accident, a “celestial hitch” sends her back to earth as an angel-in-training to put right a few wrongs.

Home Alone

Another Christmas classic. We’ll never tire of seeing Kevin McAllister enjoy being home by himself for the Holidays — and brilliantly outwit two slapstick thieves.

A Wish for Christmas

This is a Hallmark movie, so expect everything that goes with that. Her boss steals her brilliant idea, so she asks Santa for help. A feel-good redemption romance.

Office Christmas Party

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman starrs in this Netflix Original about a CEO who wants to shut down her brother’s division in a family company. His solution? Throw a huge holiday client to land a big client. Cue the Christmas shenanigans.

Merry Kissmas

Yet another holiday romance. Kayla’s engaged to a famous choreographer, but is having doubts. When she shares a life-changing kiss with a stranger, things hit the fan in time for Christmas.

The Princess Switch

Disney alumna Vanessa Hudgens pulls double duty as she stars as a down-to-earth Chicago baker and a princess-to-be who are basically twins. It’s a classic twin switcheroo plot that should be a lot of fun — if you can put up with Hudgen’s pretty awful fake British accent.

The Spirit of Christmas

A big city attorney goes to Vermont to oversee the sale of her client’s property – a charming small town inn — and falls in love with the resident (cursed) ghost.

Miracle on 34th Street

In this 1994 remake of the classic original, Dorey Walker and her daughter Susan make friends with a department store Santa who says he’s the real deal.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur is Santa Claus’ son. And this year, he’s been entrusted with a special mission at the family’s secret toy-making factory. This is an animated flick, so whack this on if you’ve got kids around.

48 Christmas Wishes

A small town writes letters to Santa. The letters get lost. So two intrepid elves venture out from the North Pole to find the letters, fulfil the wishes, and save Christmas.

Four Christmases

Resse Witherspoon, Vince Vaugh and Kristen Chenoweth star in this Christmas comedy about a loved-up couple who have to visit all four of their parents (the two couples are divorced) in one day for the holidays.

You Can’t Fight Christmas

He’s back to revamp his family’s failing hotel business. She’s the hotel’s fun-loving, Christmas-cheering decorator who shows the resident Grinch how much fun the holidays can be.

A Very Murray Christmas

Veteren actor Bill Murray is stuck in a New York hotel for Christmas. So he enlists a few celebrity friends to enliven the evening. Expect appearances and (musical numbers) by Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph and Rashida Jones.

Christmas with the Kranks

This couple just want to go to the Caribbean for Christmas. Their neighbors think they’re Scrooges. Then they find out their daughter — and her boyfriend — are coming home for the holidays. Madness ensues.

Angels in the Snow

A feel-good rom-com about a bickering couple who takes their family on holiday, and end up recovering the spirit of Christmas when they help a stranded family.