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By Shimron Singh | July 27th, 2023

A Little Background

Vivien Lau is a self-taught cake designer turned dining entrepreneur. The Biomedical Sciences degree holder’s talent for baking was ignited by chance as she set out to make a cake for a friend’s birthday. Named the “crème de la crème of Hong Kong’s bespoke dessert-makers” by Time Out, she began Vive Cake Boutique as an artisanal cakery bringing sweet joy to customers who “like something a little different”. Her enterprising spirit has fed new ventures this year, from chic café culture at VIVE at Gough Street to the family dining-cum-play destination, Jello & Mellow, which was inspired by her twin boys. From the beginning she has stood by her motto: “The only way to create great things is to love what you create.”

What inspired you to open Jello & Mellow, and what is the concept behind the restaurant?

“The inspiration behind Jello & Mellow is going to be my twin boys. Ever since they were born, I’ve been struggling to find a place that fits all my needs of a perfect playdate spot/birthday party venue. So I decided to create a beautiful one with plenty of daylight, a sleek & nordic design that can go with every party theme, a play zone where kids can have fun, and delicious & satisfying food for everyone.

Jello & Mellow provides not only a fun playground for kids but also a relaxing space for adults who are young at heart.”

Can you describe the layout and design of the restaurant, including the different themed sections and the outdoor terrace?

“Jello & Mellow is a space that embodies the brand’s core values: a soft, sweet, and free-form “Jello” combined with a warm-hearted “Mellow” spirit. Built upon simplicity and functionality, natural tones and lighting, and a palette of whites and pastels, its airy, uncluttered Nordic-inspired ambiance begins at the inviting entrance.

To evoke a sense of tranquility and joy, the restaurant utilized soft, earthy colors such as pastel greens, blues, pinks, and yellow, along with muted blues and warm beige. The glazing allows natural light to fill the space, creating a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Nature-inspired motifs and wooden accents bring a touch of the Nordic wilderness into the playroom cafe space, while the iconic, whimsical floating cake display accent wall serves as an instantly recognizable visual identity for the brand.

Jello & Mellow has 6 different themed sections including : 

  1. Jello Kitchen – where all the yummy food & drinks are created. The top of the kitchen is in a “melting ice cream” shape, while the shelter is decorated with candy jars that no kids can resist.
  2. Main Dining Room – where the guests can enjoy food and time with family & friends. Donut-shaped upholstered chairs and colorful, globe-like lamps are just a few of the fun accents that fill the space, creating an immersive, kid-centric environment.
  3. The Mello Dining Room – where our guests can enjoy food and time with family & friends while watching kids play at the playground. Nature-inspired motifs and wooden accents bring a touch of the Nordic wilderness into this area. The swing in this space also allows guests to enjoy taking Instagrammable photos.
  4. Fort Jiggle – connected with The Mello Dining Room, the castle where the beautiful giraffe lives, and invites kids to play on its slide, ball pit, and other things. The indoor play area is designed to captivate children’s imaginations. Child-friendly decor pieces and in-house play equipment were specially crafted for this project, and materials were chosen for their softness, smoothness, and non-absorbency, as well as their ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Positivi-TEA Room – it is a multifunctional room where creativity takes place. Play on the word “positivity”, this room is decorated with teapot- or tea cup lamps; with the natural light filling the space, it embodies the brand’s ethos of innocence, boundless imagination, and the potential of childhood.
  6. Secret Garden – Outdoor terrace with a beautiful floral arch for anyone who wants to take some Instagrammable photos.”

What types of dishes are featured on the menu, and how are they designed to appeal to both children and adults?

“Our homemade Neapolitan pizzas are one of our signature items on the menu. Every dough is handmade with love and everyone loves a good pizza! We also have some charming kids meals, such as Wheels on the Bus & Over the Rainbow, with a variety of colorful & nutritional ingredients that are suitable for different age groups; along with the weekday lunch set menu which is perfect for office workers who work in the neighborhood.”

What events and workshops are offered at Jello & Mellow, and how do they tie into the restaurant’s overall concept?

“From time to time, we host different kinds of workshops for parent & child to participate in. We are also an ideal place for holding children’s parties and private events, e.g., birthday parties or festive celebration parties. We wish that parents & their kids can bond through fun and unique activities at Jello & Mellow.”

How does Jello & Mellow differentiate itself from other family-friendly dining and play spaces in Hong Kong, and what are its plans for growth and expansion?

“Jello & Mellow is a one-stop location that meets all families’ needs for a fun & leisure space. A lot of places in Hong Kong only focus on the play element but neglect other important elements of a family-friendly restaurant, the food quality, hygiene, and the complete experience that one gets from entering the facility. Each family that arrives at a family-friendly restaurant shall feel welcome anywhere by the staff, shall have enough space to walk around comfortably, and feel completely safe for their kids to play even sometimes on their own.

It is as important to satisfy the kids as to make the adults happy, therefore we put a lot of effort into making sure food quality is also top-notch. We wish that children can have tonnes of fun, but adults who come to Jello & Mellow can equally enjoy a wonderful time with their friends & family with high-quality food and services.

We are looking forward to creating more beautiful venues with new play elements & dining concepts in the future.”

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