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By Yannie Chan | September 13th, 2021

Via North Point Festival, organized by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and sponsored by the Urban Renewal Fund, kicks off on August 30 with 20 interactive art works across the district. The aim is to celebrate North Point’s heritage and cultural diversity through a fun public art initiative.

The art works were selected from an open call earlier this year. All proposals strive to address the needs of the North Point community with sensitivity and creativity. You can visit these art works in the area from from Chun Yeung Street to the sea east of North Point Public Pier.

MLKK Studio’s “A Cycle of Life” on Chun Yeung Street

MLKK Studio’s “A Cycle of Life” on Chun Yeung Street, for instance, is a food waste collection point and community garden. The wooden installation transforms produce waste into fertiliser and energy to benefit the community. AaaM Architects’ “Hangout Islands” in North Point, on the other hand, is an imaginative spot recreating a relaxed beach vibe where people of all ages can mix.

Other than land-based art works, there are also floating installations! Check out the “Re-imagining Collective Swimming in North Point” by Yucolab, a nostalgic nod to the popularity of swimming sheds in the neighborhood in the past.


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