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By The Loop HK Staff | February 7th, 2023

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for lovers or those who want to spoil themselves with all budgets.

As we step into February, the bright red of Lunar New Year transforms into a delightful rosy tint that fills the air with the fuzzy feeling of love. If for some reason you’re still finding the perfect gift for your special someone a week before Valentine’s Day, read on for some last-minute inspo.

BYDEAU: The Aveline


Call us old-fashion, but what beats a blooming bouquet when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting? A blooming bouquet plus a heart-shaped crystal, according to local florist BYDEAU. If you agree, The Aveline is just what you need to declare your affection: pairing seasonal flowers with a heart-shaped strawberry quartz or amethyst of your choosing, this set in a fiery red box will certainly make that special someone swoon.

Shop The Aveline (HK$1,180) here.

Strangelove x Nike SB: Dunk Low

Image: StockX

For your sneaker-obsessed partner, the Strangelove x Nike SB dunk collection may just be the perfect gift. The velvet plush, soft pink colors, and heart patterns will have them falling head-over-heels for this pair. Just a perfect pair to up their sneaker game.

Shop the Strangelove x Nike sneakers (from approximately HK$8,480) here. (Price is subject to change depending on the market)

Fortnum & Mason: Marzipan Hearts

Image: Fortnum & Mason

Sweeter than the love you share with your sweetpea is Fortnum & Mason’s Marzipan Hearts, available in charming colors that remind you of every time your heart flutters. This 9-piece treat box wins you over with a soft, nutty palate and an approachable price tag — trust us when we say sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

Shop the Marzipan Hearts (approximately HK$110) here.

BAPE: Baby Milo Valentine’s Day Plush Doll

Image: StockX

Teddies are typical for Valentine’s Day. Why not go the extra mile to gift a plushie with style? Street-wear bewitched partners will be fawning over the BAPE Baby Milo Valentine’s Day plushie released back in 2019. Another one to add to their collectibles!

Shop the BAPE Baby Milo Valentine’s Day Plush (approximately HK$900) here. (Price is subject to change depending on the market)

Smith & Sinclair x The Blomstre: Cocktail Candle Bundles

Image: Smith & Sinclair

Celebrate the holiday of love responsibly with Smith & Sinclair’s cocktail candle bundles, created in collaboration with local candle label The Blomstre. Each box comes equipped with a soy candle inspired by the scent of classic cocktails and packs of World’s First Alcoholic Cocktail gummies — which should come in handy after the light’s off.

Shop all Smith & Sinclair Valentine’s Day candle bundles (from HK$400) here.

Picnicking by Misaka: Bespoke Picnic Date

Image: Picnicking by Misaka

Okay, we know this isn’t actually the “traditional” meaning of gift-giving but we’re here for it. Why not take your partner on a romantic picnic under the stars, on the beach, or just anywhere scenic? This also sets up the perfect excuse for a proposal *ahem*.

Contact Picnicking by Misaka to curate your bespoke picnic date here.

NYRELLE: Waterlily Diamond Ring


Show your eternal love with NYRELLE’s Waterlily ring. Dotted with conflict-free diamonds across the front, this timelessly elegant design will accentuate your beloved’s ensembles no matter what style they rock. Furthermore, who can say no to a diamond ring, especially during this romantic season?

Shop the Waterlily Diamond Ring (from HK$3,840) here.

Aesop: Precipitous Gift Set

Image: Aesop

With this unpredictable weather, our skin needs some TLC. The Precipitous gift set by Aesop has got the perfect blend of morning and evening skincare needed for city-dwellers to purify their skin.

Shop the Precipitous gift set (HK$1500) here.

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