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By Yannie Chan | June 12th, 2020

Non-dairy milk isn’t just delicious for your coffee, it’s also great for the environment. Green Monday and Califa Farms have partnered with select cafes to offer free plant-based milk coffees or plant-based milk upgrades on every Monday this June (15th, 22nd, and 29th). 

Share Green Monday’s “Plant The Future” Instagram post and get a complimentary plant-based milk coffee at Knockbox Coffee.

Participating cafes in the “Plant The Future” campaign including Kaleido Coffee, Knockbox Coffee, NINETYs, Stone Coffee, The Coffee Academics are offering complimentary plant-based milk coffee beverages, while others such as Artista PerfettoClassified, The Brew Job Coffee and The Corner are offering free plant-based milk upgrades. 

Simply share Green Monday’s Instagram post to get the offer.