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By Kate Springer | January 22nd, 2016

If you think the Hong Kong is cold right now, then you’ve been living here for too long. Here are some seriously cold people and places that put the polar vortex conditions to shame.

1. Cold in Hong Kong? Suck it up! These people are SNOW SWIMMING. In nothing but shorts. In Finland.

2. Then there’s this kid. Who made a grave, grave mistake.

Licking Ice GIF
Yeah, don’t do this. via

3. This Wisconsin native woke up to -27 degrees Celsius and proceeded to shower in the snow and go cross-country skiing.

4. Even Hello Kitty in Hello Kitty Land has it way worse than you. Look at her adorable shivers!

Hello Kitty Cold GIF
Poor Kitty!

5. This girl’s so damn cold in New Jersey that she had to write a damn song about it. It sounds a little bit familiar…

6. Even smokin’ hot Jon Snow can’t handle the cold beyond the wall. Man up, Jon! Winter’s not even here yet!

John Snow Cold GIF
Hey Jon, come to Hong Kong. We’ll keep you warm!

7. Speaking of things we’d love to cuddle, this shiba is taking the cold really well. Such happy so snow!

Shiba Snow GIF
Do your best to enjoy it while it lasts. Summer is like three months away.