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By Adele Wong | March 11th, 2016
  • City Break, Foodie Trip
  • Barcelona, Europe, Spain

When in Barcelona, eat like the Spaniards do — which means up to five meals a day. Here is the perfect itinerary to keep you full from morning to late night.

El Desayuno

Breakfast like a champion at any of the restaurant stalls at the Boqueria in La Rambla. We particularly enjoy the fresh seafood from El Quim, which is open from 7am in the morning. The dishes are made to order and and simply seasoned, and the chefs-slash-servers incredibly friendly.

Neighbor Ramblero is another good bet (it opens at 8am). Depending on your luck, you might have to wait patiently at the back of already-filled seats before you turn — but it’s worth the effort!

Razor clams at El Quim
Razor clams at El Quim

El Almuerzo

Breakfast wasn’t enough and it’s not quite lunch? Luckily, the Spanish have a special word for that mid-morning snack: almuerzo. Now’s a good time to check out a local tapas bar like the trusty Ciudad Condal Cerveceria, where you can dig into montaditos, Spanish omelets and savory cold cuts. Or check out Tapas 24 for some heavy-duty treats like the truffle-ham-cheese “bikini” sandwiches and foie gras burgers.

Bikinis at Tapas 24
Bikinis at Tapas 24

La Comida

La Comida is lunchtime, but this usually doesn’t occur until around 2pm, coinciding with the country’s proud siesta tradition. Take it nice and slow with a large plate of paella. We love the seaside Escriba Xiringuito for its excellent seafood variety, which comes in a large or extremely large pan. The age-old 7 Portes — which used to host customers like Picasso  — is another failsafe option.

7 Portes
7 Portes paella goes big

La Cena

That lull between lunch and dinner can be a drag, but you can always fill up on a tasty snack in between — that’s what the cena is for, after all. The doughy churros at La Churre de Poble Sec are pretty hard to beat. Remember to order a cup of hot chocolate — or essentially a thick viscous chocolate sauce — to dunk those sticks in.

La Churre
Save some room for La Churre

La Merienda

Finally, there’s the merienda, or dinner, which oftentimes doesn’t start until 10pm at night. To end the night with a bang, check out a Michelin-starred restaurant like Freixa Tradicio, which specializes in Catalan dishes like fried codfish or veal and pork cannelloni.

Pair with a glass of Spanish rioja for a satisfying final feast. The portions at this restaurant are generous, to say the least, so remember to go hungry — if that’s humanly possible after all these meals!

A "Russian" salad at Freixa Tradicio
A “Russian” salad at Freixa Tradicio