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By The Loop HK Contributor | May 15th, 2020
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There are many benefits to traveling alone. One is that you get to rediscover yourself in a far and isolated place. So, if you’re considering whether you should travel alone, a solo trip to Iceland is something to think about. Plus, although travel has been put on pause by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a glimmer of hope with Iceland; the country plans to open to tourists in June by allowing visitors to choose between a 14-day quarantine or testing at the airport.

This Nordic country offers single travelers unfettered peace and solitude with its vast and unspoiled terrain. You can get lost in the city or the nearby parks. As you embark on your solo trip to Iceland, you get to decide on where you want to go and what you to do. With that, here are some tips and the best places to visit in Iceland if you’re traveling alone.

    1. Iceland has a very low crime rate – Translation: it’s very safe for solo travelers. For a country that has no existing armed forces, it’s a rather amazing feat. Even with its green landscape, there are no wild bears or moose that pose any threat to citizens and travelers. You can safely have a night on the town while in the capital of Reykjavik after spending a day touring the city.

      Visit the Blue Lagoon on a solo trip to Iceland
      The Blue Lagoon. Photo: WikiCommons / Ralf Roletschek

    2. It’s important to plan – As you travel, you will need to make preparations ahead of time. Why? Well, you might use up all of your time in one place instead of being able to go to multiple sites. For example, Iceland has different hot springs dotted around the country. Of course, the Bue Lagoon is among the most popular, but to properly navigate this attraction, you’ll need to consult the ultimate guide to the blue lagoon. With this, you’ll realize that the best way to visit is to book ahead to avoid long queues and to visit early in Spring to avoid massive crowds. You also have to be conscious of time. During the winter, there is limited daylight so you have to plan to avoid being stranded on the road.


    1. Be prepared for sudden changes – Since the country has big open spaces, you might find yourself in an unexpected situation without much help. For example, the weather in Iceland is very changeable. You may experience the finest of weather at one moment and the next, a torrential rainfall. You may also find yourself stuck in a car all day when going from one place to another. Keep your itinerary flexible so that you can navigate whatever the trip throws at the wide open roads on a solo trip to iceland


    1. Always consider your options– You’ll be faced with many options while on a solo trip to Iceland.  If you want to rent a car, you’ll find plenty of companies offering this service.  There are also many options when it comes to where to eat, where to stay and what to see. While you’re figuring all this out, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to worry about anything being lost in translation – Icelanders have very good English.


    1. Don’t forget to bring your credit card (and some cash too) – In Iceland, most establishments will expect you to pay by card; it’s much rarer to use cash. So, if you ever find yourself embarking on a solo trip to Iceland, it’s best to bring enough pocket money in small denominations and a credit card or two.visit the stunning waterfalls during a solo trip to Iceland


    1. Explore the surroundings (and your well-being too) – While you’re in Iceland, there are many things to explore and discover. It’s like being in a candy shop for the first time, you can’t contain your excitement at the abundance of sights and sounds on offer! How often will you get a chance to hike on a glacier or see the elusive Northern Lights? Take this time to discover the country – and rediscover yourself.


    1. Stay organized during your Nordic trip ­–When taking a solo trip to Iceland, it pays to be organized. To stay on top of things, make a checklist to help you get ready. You can list items that you can prepare a few weeks before your trip. Make sure you have the right clothes (Iceland is freezing in winter!), ensure you’ve got records of your accommodation bookings and other important information, and do your research. Plus, food and snacks can be expensive, so you may want to bring some from home so you’re not constantly paying exorbitant prices. When you have your luggage and itinerary in order, your solo trip to Iceland will be stress and worry-free.


  1. You can have fun on your own – Travelling in a country like Iceland needn’t be boring, even if you are there on your own. Always remember the reasons why you decided to travel solo. It’s a chance for you to create new experiences and lasting memories, all for yourself.  It’s also a way for you to grow and expand your comfort zone. There’s no better place to do that than in Iceland.

Traveling on your own in Iceland can alter your outlook in life. While you may be alone on your trip, you needn’t feel lonely on your adventure. Overall, Iceland is a country that is safe for solo travelers as the crime rate is low and English is one of the primary languages spoken.

You have to be prepared and organized when it comes to your trip as there may be sudden changes, especially when it comes to Iceland’s weather. But, in the end, take the opportunity to enjoy yourself during your time in the country. It’s a rare chance that you get to do things on your own, decide on the things that you want to do, and rediscover yourself in your travel.


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