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By Ashley Soo | October 10th, 2022
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  • Europe, London

Over the years, London has become one of the most popular destinations for Hongkongers to reside in. This means that it’s never hard to find Chinese comfort food here when you are feeling homesick. Join us on this short trip to London to search for the best home food!

Joy King Lau

Image: Joy King Lau | Image: The Telegraph

Yum-cha can be seen as a Cantonese person’s Full English, where we get a variety of steamed dim sum with Chinese tea. Joy King Lau, a staple in Chinatown London, has been serving Londoners authentic dim sum during the day and sharing plates in the evening, for over 30 years. Having survived the pandemic and a recent change in management, Joy King Lau still stands as Londoners’ yum-cha-favorite today. 

Address: 3 Leicester St, London WC2H 7BL

Dragon Castle

Image: Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle is another popular spot in central London to treat yourself to some authentic dim-sum and stir-fry. Guests will be greeted by a dragon and phoenix sculpture couple before entering the dining hall, as well as other visual elements to remind you of the yum-cha place your grandparents brought you to near home in Hong Kong. Identifying as a dim sum specialist, the restaurant ensures that each dumpling on your table is handcrafted by the culinary team.

Address: 100 Walworth Road, SE17 1JL

Pearl Liang Chinese Oriental Restaurant

Image: Pearl Liang Restaurant

Pearl Liang sees itself as a modern Chinese restaurant that serves authentic food in its elegant dining halls. Situated in Central London, the restaurant also welcomes guests to its sophisticated cocktail bar for an after-hour drink, or before you get seated for your cheat day meal. 

Address: 8 Sheldon Square, W2 6EZ

Feng Shang Princess

Image: Feng Shang Princess

For those who are looking for something different but still want to keep it authentic, Feng Shang Princess is the ultimate destination. Besides the food, you will also find the serene waters outside the floating restaurant the most appealing. Located right between Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill but away from the hustle and bustle of London, Feng Shang Princess will be your perfect lunch stop on a weekend before you go enjoy the sun in London’s most beautiful parks. 

Address: Cumberland Basin, Prince Albert Road, Regents Park, NW1 7SS

Din Tai Fung

Image: Din Tai Fung

The Taiwan-based Din Tai Fung rebrands itself as an international sensation after expanding globally. In 2018, Londoners finally got to get their chopsticks on Din Tai Fung’s internet-viral soup xiaolongbaos, also as known by Forbes as the “world’s greatest dumplings”.

Address: Various locations 

Old Tree Daiwan Bee

Image: Old Tree Daiwan Bee

Surrounding Chinatown on Rupert Street is Old Tree Daiwan Bee. The restaurant serves authentic Taiwanese street foods, such as popcorn chicken, oyster omlets, Taiwanese sausages and more. And for £3.50 (around HK$30) customers can get the Taiwanese signature — braised pork rice. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Old Tree has helped countless people to survive home sickness with its signature rice bowl for such great value. 

Address: 26 Rupert St, W1D 6DH

Bun House

Image: Bun House

Bringing London the flavors that were once available only in Hong Kong, Bun House is the place where you get authentic Cantonese dim sum. Whether you are hoping to treat yourself to a sit-down lunch or are looking for something quick on the go, both Bun Houses at Chinatown and Camden Market will be there to serve steaming hot buns!

Address: Various locations

Wun’s Tea Room & Bar

Image: Wun’s Tea Room & Bar

Bun House’s sister franchise Wun’s Tea Room & Bar will definitely attract the hipsters. With the neon light signs on the walls and vintage-inspired tableware reminiscent of old Hong Kong, walking into the tea room feels like entering one of Wong Kar-wai’s cinematic worlds set in the ’60s. Foodies would also find cha chaan tang (local diners) small bites and Cantonese clay pot rice served in the restaurant the perfect meal in windy London. 

Address: 23 Greek Street, W1D 4DZ

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