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By The Loop HK Contributor | November 17th, 2016

Whether you walk, bus or MTR to the office, commuting in Hong Kong can be the stuff of nightmares. From never-ending elevators to “off duty” taxis, it’s always work to just get to work. Here are the city’s worst obstacles.

1. The need to go up a footbridge, or down a subway, or around a guardrail — just to cross a street.

You’re kidding me… Via Giphy


2. Taking 20 minutes to walk 200 meters because every pedestrian is zig-zagging and staring at their phone.

Namaste, namaste. Via Giphy
Namaste, namaste. Via Giphy

3. Waiting FOREVER for the Tung Chung MTR line, which comes every eight minutes instead of the usual 0.002 seconds.

waiting game
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4. The fact that we spend more time in elevators than anybody else on earth.

This ride is taking longer than usual. Via Giphy

5. Not to mention all of the hours spent riding the never-ending matrix of escalators!

It just never ends. Via Giphy

6. Even breathing is a risk, with all the streetside pollution.

Huff, puff. Via giphy

7. You saw 100 available taxis at 3pm but it’s a literal desert when the 4 to 5pm shift change rolls around.

Can anyone hear me?! Via Giphy