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By Andrea Lo | July 22nd, 2021

The Plant-based Revolution Continues: It seems like there’s a plant-based alternative to just about every meat product out there these days. The latest to join the fray? Tindle, a plant-based “chicken” that’s now available at 16 restaurants across Hong Kong. 

The brainchild of Singapore-based food startup Next Gen, Tindle wants to provide a nutritious alternative to chicken — and something that’s better for the planet, too, with its production requiring 88 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to real chicken. 

Containing water, texturized protein (soy, wheat gluten, wheat starch), the trademarked ingredient of Lipi (sunflower oil and natural flavoring), coconut oil, methylcellulose (a chemical compound that’s commonly used as a thickening agent), and oat fiber. 

Tindle “chicken” has a surprisingly tender texture, yet still retains a firmness to the bite. Try this new creation featured in a variety of specially created dishes at the establishments listed below.

Poem’s market spinach and Tindle chicken salad (L) and kare mareah traditional red curry with Tindle chicken

When? Available now 

Where? Alvy’s, Big Birdy, Bo Innovation, Candour, Cococabana, Coconuts , Doubleshot by Cupping Room (a winner of our 30 Best Eats 2020), Gaijin, Katsumoto Sando, OVOCafe, Poem, Potato Head, Second Draft, Uma Nota, W Hong Kong, 404 Plant

How much? Varies.

How to book: Call restaurants to book directly.