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By Shimron Singh | January 19th, 2023

An edgy fashion brand breaking the rules: Meet Thought We Friends. They’re an upcoming, Instagram sensation label that’s known for their experimental and one-of-one denim pieces. They combine fashion and lifestyle in one, making it difficult for scrollers to not take a peek into their brand. Every single pair of their trousers is meticulously curated and handmade from preloved materials which give it the unique design we love.

The vibe of each trouser, especially their new collection “FRIENDSHIP GROUP 007”, is reminiscent of a gothic, dark & cyber-punk time. “Aileen” is definitely not for the weak-hearted as it stands out with alienesque eyes all over. You are bound to stand out from the crowd. Not only does their merchandise stand out, but also the way they edit their photos. They’ve shown plenty of reels on Instagram of how to edit and pose like them. They’ve got a cult following and it’s easy to why.

The price you ask? Thought We Friends are certainly making a statement with their hefty price tag. It’s certainly an investment with prices ranging from 9000 HKD to 26,000 HKD. However, it’s hand-made, made to fit you, and completely unique. Would you invest?

Check out their website here.

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