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By Joseph Lam | April 9th, 2017

One of the latest music videos from LA-formed Thai acoustic band Room 39 was recently filmed in Hong Kong, and the clip has been a viral success back in Thailand.

“เป็นทุกอย่าง”, which roughly means “everything” in Thai, gained more than tens of thousands of likes and shares when it was originally posted to the group’s Facebook page, which has close to 2.1 million likes.

The video is part of a three-clip series that depicts the one-sided love story of two best friends, one of whom moved to Hong Kong to study in an attempt to forget the past, band member Mon Vichitrissadee tell us. “We needed a place where she can start her new life, [and it had to] be Hong Kong!” she says.

The first of the series is called ‘ความจริง’ (kwam jing, truth) followed by ‘อย่าให้ฉันคิด’ (yaa hai chan kid, don’t let me think) and finally ‘เป็นทุกอย่าง’ (pen tuk yang, everything).

This particular clip begins at Victoria Harbour with the female lead asking her friend, “That day, you heard what I said, right?” What follows is the adventurous journey of two friends as they make their way around Hong Kong traveling through cha chaan tengs, tram rides, a night out in Lan Kwai Fong and Sheung Wan.

Throughout the video, the male lead often checks his phone as he argues with his partner back in Thailand, while his friend can’t help but notice and feel a little left out.

Nearing the end, the clip reverts back to the opening scene and question, which refers to a drunken confession from the previous music video, “don’t let me think.” The male lead nods, signalling he had, indeed, heard her confession.

“When we compose songs, we always think of our own stories or stories we can relate to,” Mon tells us, explaining that the group tries to make music videos that are more like short movies. This style of production is not uncommon for Thailand, whose advertising industry has been called a world leader by The Atlantic, among others.

All in all, it’s a sweet music video, and we’re happy to see Hong Kong through a different set of lens!

See the full video below or check out the entire three-part series here.