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By Joseph Lam | July 2nd, 2017

We just celebrated HKSAR’s 20th, and we thought we’d use this opportunity to rejoice in being a Hongkonger, because why not? Here are some of the reasons why we’re head over heels for this amazing, contradictory metropolis. Here are a few things we love about Hong Kong:

There’s only one Hong Kong

Things we love about Hong Kong: Fried Intestines in Hong Kong. Photo: David Boté Estrada / Flickr CC
Fried Intestines in Hong Kong. Photo: David Boté Estrada / Flickr CC

Here are some of the weird and wonderful experiences that make this city so amazing and makes us fall just that much more in love with it every single day.

The food is next level

Things we love about Hong Kong: Lai Bun Fu - Sifu’s Crispy Chicken with 5 Flavour Sauces
Crispy chicken, totally delicious — at Lai Bun Fu.

We know it. Everyone knows it. Hong Kong is a foodie city. It’s paradise for young, hungry foodies with a passion for flavor and an insatiable stomach. Whether it be burgers, bagels, cart noodles, congee, vegetarianbrunch, hot pot, Mexicanfine-dining Cantonesedim sum, something to keep you warm in winter or even just the daily special from your local cha chaan teng or dai pai dong, we’ve got it and it’ll knock your socks off with a flavor punch. We’ve got online and app-based delivery for anyone wanting to stay in and we’ve got delivery ingredients with items from all around the world for anyone cooking at home. On the sweeter end of things, we’ve got matcha everythingegg puffstong suiHong Kong-style French toast and amazing little dessert shops. The truth is we’ve got an answer to anything, whether it be late-night snacks or full-on meals. We’re one of the most amazing food cities in the world.

Don’t even get us started on the bar scene

Things we love about Hong Kong: Endo at Mizunara
Master Endo rocks the bar at Mizunara

What’s your poison?  A bloody Mary? Something a little more classic? From top-notch whisky bars to hidden dens; from the all too tempting happy hours to the amazing view from our rooftop bars; from the crowds in Lan Kwai Fong to the up-rise of bars in Wan Chai; from craft beer caves to delivery wine, we’ve got the best bars for pay day and something for every other night of the week. Our top-notch bars are pretty incredible and they certainly help us wind down after our long working hours and not so flattering pay. They keep our weekends exciting and our morning afters filled with stories to share.

Omg, the coffee

Things we love about Hong Kong: Sanchos Coffee on a rainy day. Photo: Joseph Lam
Sanchos Coffee on a rainy day. Photo: Joseph Lam

We are very much a coffee city. It warms our souls and gives us the energy to fight on throughout the day. We’re thankful to the guys open early in the morning and we’re also thankful for the guys keeping us up late with espresso martinis and other coffee-based cocktails. Despite being one of the most expensive coffee countries in the world (unless you had to the much-better-priced cha chaan teng for your cuppa), we’re definitely up there with some of the best.

Hongkongers are, like, pretty damn cool

Things we love about Hong Kong: Christine So. Photo: Alan Pang/The Loop
Christine So: entrepreneur, athlete, and traveler extraordinaire. Photo: Alan Pang/The Loop

From the young game-changing protesters to the entrepreneurs to the dedicated craftspeople; from those who fight to keep tradition alive to our uber-talented artists; from the chefs and restaurant owners that keep our bellies large to the street vendors and street sellers making our lives more efficient, we’re thankful for you, our Hong Kong Homies. These are just a few things we love about Hong Kong.

Thanks for being our favorite city in the entire world.
Much love,
The Loop HK