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By Shimron Singh | February 3rd, 2023

Hello Thrillseekers, we meet again. This time we got another good one for you! How about doing the highest bungee jump in the world from the Skypark Macau Tower? Sounds enticing, right?

2023 is the year of adventures and spiking your adrenaline up. Skypark Macau Tower is precisely that place to perk you up and overcome your fears to achieve new heights. This is the home to the Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump, standing at 233 meters tall. Gulp. You can take the plunge and live life on the edge. You can even just walk around the Skywalk platform if you’re not a fan of bungee jumping. For no-fear climbers, you can also climb the world’s only urban Tower Climb at 338 meters.

You’re definitely going to create some unforgettable memories with your loved ones, plus it’s only an hour away from Hong Kong. Go for it!

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Where? MO AJ Hackett Macau Tower Limited, Level T2 – Adventure Zone – Macau Tower 999078, Macao

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