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By Shimron Singh | February 19th, 2023

Planning your next trip to Macau? Why not gaze over the breathtaking vista with the SkyCab at Wynn Palace?

Just imagine a red dragon taking you on a trip into the sky, while you fawn over the picturesque view. That’s exactly what you can do with SkyCab at Wynn Palace on your next trip to Macau. Well, instead of a red dragon, it’s a red air-conditioned SkyCab that looks over the iconic Performance lake. It takes you on a journey over the Cotai landscape before gently setting you down in the garden. The customized audio will talk you through the glorious scenery and the thoughts behind them all. As you finish your journey, you find yourself craving to go back on for more.

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Where? Avenida Da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

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