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By Ashley Soo | June 14th, 2022

We are used to showing moms our love by gifting her bouquets or little gifts on special days. Now it’s dad’s turn!  Take advantage of the coming Father’s Day with some niche, lighthearted gifts, handpicked from eight indie local brands by us, to show gratitude to the important father figures in your life while minimizing their level of discomfort. 

A Big Meal

In Asian society, nothing screams love more than good food. Prepare your dads/husbands a table of his favorite dishes this weekend.


Image: MyMarket

A one-stop-shop to get all your ingredients from meat, and veggies to sweet delights, MyMarket presents a wide range of 100% French products with an unbroken cold chain from farm to your table. Besides working directly with local producers and factories, MyMarket also ensures that all its meat is stamped “viandes de France” which ensures quality, freshness, and taste. Pair your meal with MyMarket’s selection of spirits for a discounted price upon checkout this Father’s Day!

Available at: MyMarket online shop


Image: Jouer

For those hoping to treat the big man with a fine-dining experience without compromising the comfort of your home, Jouer would be a great pick to have gourmet food and sweet treats delivered to you. Choose from the “Home Office” or sharing lunch sets and afternoon tea sets which include Cantonese-influenced pasta, pot pies, soups, and Jouer’s signature layered cakes and macarons to spend a quality Father’s Day weekend at home.

Available at: Jouer website

A Good Drink

A good old night out with the boys: what’s not to love? Here are some local brands that will guarantee him a good cocktail even at home. 

Homeshake Cocktail

Image: Homeshake Cocktail

It’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Aspiring to make quality cocktails available at home, Homeshake Cocktail presents a variety of DIY cocktail gift boxes — simply pour the pre-measured liquor and other flavored beverages on the rocks. The house is also known for its versatile Hong Kong-style bottled cocktails: for instance, the Tipsy Lemon Tea and Tipsy Flower Tea seen all over social media. Drink them as they are for the original taste or mix them with soda water or more vodka to your liking

Available at: Homeshake Cocktail online shop, AbouThai physical and online stores

Perfume Trees Gin

Image: Perfume Trees Gin

Founded by a Hongkonger duo, Perfume Trees Gin sets its heart on telling the story of Hong Kong via its own gin that distills the vibrance and energy of the city into each sip of your evening drinks. If the person you are gifting enjoys coffee as much as liqueur, the house’s Pale Ink coffee liqueur will serve them just right. The world’s first sugar-free coffee gin liqueur gives a slightly sweet taste, thanks to Natvia, a zero-calorie natural sweetener extract, while flaunting the floral notes of coffee beans sourced from the local Urban Coffee Roaster. 

Available at: Perfume Trees Gin online store, AbouThai physical and online stores, Liquid GoldHKTV MallOur HK Mall


Inside every man lives a kid who loves figurines. If you are looking for something other than BE@RBRICK and KAWS figures, you might as well look into some locally designed ones that received international fame. 

Soap Studio 

Image: Soap Studio

Founded in 2014, Soap Studio is known for its range of iconic cartoon toy collectibles including those from Warner Bros, Disney, Pixar, 21st Century Fox, Tezuka Osamu, Aniplex, SpongeBob SquarePants, Moomin, and more. Gift dad a desktop figurine that reminds him constantly of the cozy afternoons you spent with him as a kid while watching your favorite episode of Tom and Jerry on the couch. 

Available at: Soap StudioLane Crawford physical and online store, AMAZ by Lokianno physical and online store


Image: JIRO

The JIRO figurines, designed by local artist Chino Lam, suits dads out there with a peculiar sense of humor. Eerie yet whimsical, JIRO figures come in all shapes and forms. Awarded the Designer Toy Awards by the American Toy Award in 2017 and 2018, Chino Lam’s creations are one-of-a-kind collectibles that represent Hong Kong modern art. Available in various sizes and styles, the life-size JIROs work great as home décor while the mini versions in blind boxes would make a surprising gift on the special day. 

Available at: AMAZ by Lokianno physical and online store

Everyday Essentials

Perhaps unfairly, many dads of the world have a reputation for caring very little about their fashion — hence the infamous dad style. Time to replace some of his centuries-old essentials with an upgrade. 


Image: Grams(28)

The local leathersmith is known for its clean design that transcends time. The house presents products ranging from phone cases to carryalls made from fine Italian leather, serving its customers’ everyday needs in the cosmopolitan. Being open about its cost and origin of materials, Grams(28) promotes fair trade while paying tribute to the craftsmanship in every line of work. 

Available at: Grams(28) online shop


Image: PairPairFull

It’s the attention to detail that perfects an outfit with personal touches. In PairPairFull, you will find colorful socks with uniquely Hong Kong jacquard patterns: think your favorite dim sum dish or a game from childhood you enjoyed playing. The house also makes socks from international brands, such as the French Bonne Maison and Spox Sox from Poland, available in Hong Kong. If you are struggling with what to gift the has-it-all, a pair of fun, quality socks is an economical and space-efficient option you might consider. 

Available at: PairPairFull physical and online shop, Eslite Spectrum


Image: LifeHub

Aspired to create a better healthcare experience, LifeHub is a leader in Integrative and Anti-aging medicine that empowers customers to take control of their own health at convenient wellness centers. This Father’s Day, treat your dad with its hair rejuvenation treatment, including a dietary supplement, Hair Health IV Drip and a thorough wash and massage with hair stimulating shampoo, that provides a well-rounded, medical-grade hair rejuvenation experience for a Father’s Day special offer.

Available at: LifeHub 1/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington St, Central (book via

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