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By Yannie Chan | August 31st, 2015

Lam Kor-wan is one of Hong Kong’s most notorious serial killers, nicknamed “The Jars Murderer” because of the way he preserved his victims’ organs. Since the taxi driver mostly attacked on rainy nights, he is also known as “The Rainy Night Butcher” in Chinese.

The grisly murders began on February 3, 1982, when Lam Kor-wan’s first victim Chan Fung-lan boarded his taxi at 4am. The 21-year-old Chan fell asleep, and Lam suffocated Chan with an electrical cord. The next day, while his family was out, he took photographs of the body, and dismembered Chan into seven pieces.

Three months later, Lam killed again. With his second victim, Chan Wan-kit, he began to develop his modus operandi, cutting out Chan’s breasts and genitalia with a scalpel and preserving the organs in tupperware containers. He murdered his third victim two weeks later in June, and found his last victim in July the same year.

Lam even photographed and filmed the dismemberment process and made them into movies, but that was his downfall. He was caught when he tried to develop close-up shots of one of his dismembered victims at a Kodak shop, and the shop manager notified the police.

He is currently 60 years old and is serving his life sentence at Shek Pik Prison.