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By Michelle Chan | January 29th, 2023

Handbags and jewelry go hand in hand in giving any gifter’s wallet the final death blow, but if you’re loaded above these mortal worries, check out some of the most expensive handbags you can acquire right now. Whether it be to surprise the special someone in your life or to expand your private collection, these selections will prove to be most deserving of your consideration. Happy shopping!

Boarini Milanesi: Parva Mea (approx. HK$55 million)

Image: Sekhon Family Office

Do the world some good with your next handbag purchase, starting with Boarini Milanesi‘s incredibly exclusive Parva Mea bag. Crafted from teal alligator leather and adorned with diamond and sapphire butterflies weighing up to 130 carat, this three-of-a-kind design is your way to fund ocean cleaning projects around the world — heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all sea creatures.

Mouawad: 1001 Nights Diamond Purse (approx. HK$30 million)

Image: Mouawad

When you have world record breaking wealth to spare, invest in a world record setting handbag such as Mouawad‘s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. Bejeweled with a whooping 4,517 diamonds totalling at 381.92 carat (and don’t forget its 18k gold base too), this extraordinary heart-shaped purse stares down at you from its 2011 Guinness World Records “most expensive handbag” pedestal — watch out for its blinding shimmer.

Hermès: Kelly Rose Gold (approx. HK$15 million)

Image: Hermès

By the hand of renowned designer Pierre Hardy, the iconic Kelly silhouette receives a rose gold overhaul and the embellishment of 1,160 diamonds to earn itself an US$2 million price tag. This dainty iteration comes with a fully functional foldover top, dangling around your wrist to radiate a shine you can’t ignore.

Hermès: Himalaya Kelly (Up to HK$4 million)

Image: Christie’s

One of the most coveted handbags in the world, the Hermès Himalaya Kelly is recognized for its exotic Nile river crocodile skin veneer and a gradient fade from brown to milky white. Dazzling diamonds accentuate the 18k white gold hardware, completing the classic look with an elevated grandeur. Watch out for any upcoming auctions to get your hands on one.

Hermès: Bleu Jean Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin 25 (Up to HK$2 million)

Image: Sotheby’s

Are we surprised to see a Birkin on this list? Part of the Sotheby’s The Art of Collecting Handbags — The Visionary Collection of Joseph Lau (Part I), this iteration is rendered in dark teal crocodile skin and set with 5.88 carats of diamonds on its 18k white gold hardware. If your personal handbag vault calls for an Hermès update, place your bid here starting February 9, 2023.

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