The Best Of Hong Kong
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By Andrea Lo | October 28th, 2020

Kerry Hotel’s cocktail bar Red Sugar offers a jazzy drinks selection, including a signature cocktail menu that pays homage to Hong Kong’s booming industrial era in the post-war years.

The Silky Punch is inspired by the textile industry, and the most prestigious fabric of all: silk. But the story behind this drink doesn’t stop there. Textile businesses in Hong Kong had been dominated by Shanghainese immigrants at the time; meanwhile, everyone’s favorite Chinese candy, the White Rabbit, had also started making its way from its Shanghai home down south.

Connecting all the dots, this drink is a silky-smooth concoction made with White Rabbit candy whipped cream, cream soda, cream foam, marshmallow and Absolut Elyx Vodka. 

Shortlist: Crystal Old Fashioned, Room 309; Caprice Martini, Caprice Bar; Shiso G&T, Ping Pong 129; Prescription Julep, Lobster Bar

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