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By Gayatri Bhaumik | August 29th, 2018

Ever thought it would be nice to have your own custom-blended coffee? You’re not alone. Which is why local caffeine brewmasters The Coffee Academïcs have launched a brand new pop-up concept at IFC where you can get your very own brew made up by an experienced barista.

The Coffee Academïcs RØASTERY – Custom Blending Bar is a six-month pop up that allows coffee lovers to create and package their very own custom blend. Customers answer a series of questions about their likes and dislikes on an iPad, which will highlight their preferred coffee origins, tastes and scents. Using these, a barista will combine several different premium and rare single origin beans to create a unique signature event. Choose a packaging, create a label, and you’ll soon be enjoying your personalised coffee blend in your own home.

The best part? The pop-up will be running for six months, so you’ll have plenty of time to create your own blend and go back for seconds (or thirds…or fourths…).

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