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By Faye Bradley | September 6th, 2021

Wellness, in a broad sense, refers to the general state of being in a good health, particularly when it’s an actively pursued goal. This can span fitness, spa and importantly, mental health. Keeping a healthy mental and physical state is undoubtedly beneficial for everyone, but we all know how easy it is to get caught up with distractions and find time for yourself. Luckily in Hong Kong, we’re seeing more and more people paying attention to self-care and more conversations around the topic of wellness. Here are some of the best wellness activities to try out, whether you’re a seasoned mindfulness junkie or if you’re just starting out…

Indulge in a spa treatment

Photo: Four Seasons Spa Hong Kong

We’re starting strong with the most relaxing wellness therapy (arguably) of them all – a soothing spa treatment. There are so many options to try out in the city and what’s great is they cater to every budget. Indulge in a luxury experience at one of the five-star hotels, like The Peninsula Spa , bliss spa, the spa at Four Seasons Hotel and more. For something mid-range to budget, try your local neighborhood spot.

Try Float therapy

Photo: Float Co

Sensory deprivation in a water-filled futuristic-looking pod? Sounds intriguing, if you ask us. But appearance aside, float therapy tanks are a great way to meditate in an isolated space. Float Co (formerly Float On) in Hong Kong offers 500kg of Epsom salt water to submerge yourself in undisturbed peace. Even one hour of submersion can do wonders!

Join an alternative fitness center


Tired of your regular gym routine? Well, there are plenty of alternative options. Fancy a disco-like boxing workout? Head to LIGHTS//OUT. Love biking but want something different? Aquabike makes hydrospinning way cooler with its jacuzzi seating. Love mermaids? Try a mermaid swimming class (it’s harder than it looks!). And for yogis who love HK nature, try SUP Yoga to do your sun salutations on a paddle board.

Relax with yoga and meditation

Photo: Kita Yoga

There’s no shortage of yoga studios in Hong Kong. Same goes with meditation spots in Hong Kong. Find your inner zen by scheduling in weekly yoga and meditation classes to keep calm and collected year-round!

Book in at a holistic health center

Photo: LifeHub

Try alternative wellness therapies at holistic health centers across Hong Kong. There’s Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), the biggest one in Hong Kong, Balance Health, which takes a mindful approach and Sol Wellness for ayurverda techniques.

Go hiking

Photo: Unsplash

Outdoor enthusiasts love a good hike in Hong Kong. There’s something for everyone, no matter the level or type of hike you’re looking for. Try a waterfall hike for summer, since it’s going to be a hot for a while longer and what better way to finish a hike than with a cold swim?

Immerse yourself with a Hong Kong wellness retreat

Photo: Blissbody Journeys

Despite border closures and lack of travel, Hong Kong luckily has some wellness retreats worth checking out. For a secluded escape, try Bliss Body Journeys for a yoga retreat in the countryside. The programs include wellness therapies, accommodation and healthy cuisine. Also, keep an eye out for hotel staycations that incorporate wellness retreat itineraries. We’ve spotted The Mira and Wellcations at Asaya, to name a couple.