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By Yannie Chan | October 13th, 2020

Despite everything, fall has arrived. It’s no longer so humid it’s sticky, and walking around actually feels pleasant. We are still in the middle of a pandemic crisis, yes, but normal life needs to resume to a certain extent. We all deserve a hike, a day-trip to an outlying island, or an exciting football match once in a while.

That said, it’s more important now than ever to be hygienic and vigilant when we’re out and about. Here are the best products we’ve found that make staying clean and green during a pandemic a little bit easier.

Hyginova Eco-Friendly Disinfectant Spray


Hyginova is a high-level broad-spectrum disinfectant spray that can eliminate spores, mycobacteria, virus, and bacteria, and is certified according to EU standards. It’s also Asia’s first housewares brand to pass the Leaping Bunny animal-free testing certification. Being non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-irritant, it’s safe to use on all surfaces, from public toilet seats and dining tables to mask holders and baby toys. We also love that all bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and the brand offers many drop-off points where you can return your empty Hyginova bottles for reuse.

HKD59/60ml, http://hyginova.com/

Hand Sanitizer Spray


Needless to say, you need an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on you, especially during hikes or outdoor adventures where water and soap are not always available. We like this hand sanitizer spray from local brand Bathe to Basics, as it’s less drying than most of its counterparts. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin on top of ethanol, it also comes in two lovely, calming scents.

HKD68/50ml, http://bathetobasics.com/products/basic-hand-sanitizer-spray

Mask Holder


Now that we’re eating out more frequently, using a paper tissue to hold our face masks each time we eat or drink can get wasteful (it’s important to not leave your used face mask on the dining table as it is). You can DIY your own mask holder, or pick one from the many options on the market. The Urbanite mask holder from ro bags is made with water-repellent coated canvas for easy cleaning, and it comes with an exterior pocket for storing other essentials like alcohol spray.

HKD138, http://robags.com/products/mask-holder

Portable Mouth-Freshener

Photo: Savonnezero

Before Covid-19, many of us were blissfully unaware of how vile our breath actually smells. Nowadays, it’s the new reality that we literally breathe in every day. These portable toothpaste tablets DENTTABS have proven to be a life-saver, particularly after those heavy, delicious meals. Free from preservatives, artificial stabilizers, and any other unnecessary ingredients, they help prevent buildup by polishing your teeth through the finest micro-cellulose and refresh your breath with its naturally-derived mint flavor.

HKD20/tablet, http://www.savonnez.co/shop/denttabs-flouride-free

Takeaway Food Containers


Whether you’re ordering takeout back home or to enjoy outdoors, a practical and good-quality food container is essential. This three-layered ceramic takeaway container holds 800ml of food in each layer, and the tight seal means sauces don’t spill easily. It also comes with its own handle — saving another plastic or paper bag in the process.

HKD368, http://www.greenbitch.store/product-page/3layertiffin

Portable Cutlery

Photo: Slowood

While most restaurants are doing their best to maintain a high level of cleanliness, there are things customers can do to further lower the risk of cross-contamination. One of them is bringing your own cutlery, which has the added benefits of cutting down on one-use chopsticks at restaurants that use them. This stainless steel set is light, easy-to-clean, and includes chopsticks as well as a fork, knife, and spoon.

HKD68, http://www.slowood.hk/collections/hot-picks/products/portable-stainless-steel-cutlery-set