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By Yannie Chan | February 3rd, 2021

A Chinese New Year custom in Hong Kong is to “go for a good fortune walk” (新年行大運). One popular way to do so is to visit one of the 15 Lunar New Year Fairs that take place in public sports grounds every year. Due to pandemic-related government restrictions, this year’s Lunar New Year Fairs are going to be downsized with crowd control measures in place.

There are, however, plenty of other Chinese New Year Fairs happening elsewhere and online. Not only is there an online fair by the Hong Kong Tourism Board selling exclusive sets by local brands, there are also fairs where you can shop sustainable products as well as local flower. Keep reading for more details!

“Fortunes at Home” Online CNY Mart

From February 8 to 26, the Hong Kong Tourism Board will be hosting a “Fortunes at Home” Online CNY Mart featuring exclusive limited collaborations between traditional and younger brands. Look forward to handmade herbal tea candies from Kung Lee Sugar Cane Drink and Papabubble, croissant with preserved sausages and cheese from Ser Wong Fun and Chef Jacques Kagi, and tea-flavored cookies from Ying Kee Tea House and Cookieism. Over 70 brands will participate in the fair, featuring CNY-themed masks, Valentine’s Day gifts and more.

Handmade herbal tea candies from Kung Lee Sugar Cane Drink and Papabubble

February 8-26, more details to come at http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/what-s-new/events/chinese-new-year.html

Go Green CNY Fair


Red may be the default color for Chinese New Year, but going green is also perfect to start the year of the ox on the right foot. Tove & Libra and Bamboa Home, two sustainable brands at PMQ, are co-hosting the “Go Green CNY Fair” to offer a greener option when it comes to CNY traditions such as enjoying delicious snacks and shopping new clothes. Shop sustainable fashion, home and lifestyle products at up to 75% off, sip on a cup of tea by Green Gingko Tea, and snack on vegan gluten-free treats by Suphia’s Functional Foods!

12nn-7pm, February 6-7 S304, Veranda, Staunton, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central

Shun Sum Yuen Farm Flower Fair

Photo courtesy to Shun Sum Yuen

The flower farm Shun Sum Yuen (信芯園) at Yuen Long is run by farmer Mr. Leung, who has been growing crops locally for over 40 years. The pandemic has hit the flower business hard, and with the government’s constantly changing plans for the Lunar New Year Fairs, which make up a majority of flower farmers’ yearly income, Mr. Leung has decided to try something new this year: he’s opening up his flower farm Shun Sum Yuen to visitors from now until the end of February. Visitors can take pictures against the massive flower fields, and buy flowers for their CNY decor at a HK$15-$20 a piece. All you need to do is pay for a HK$50 entrance fee, which is redeemable for purchasing flowers.

The farm is reachable by bus 76K, red minibus 17, and green minibus 75, 76. Get off at Shek Hu Wai (石湖圍).

8am-6pm, now until February 28 Shun Sum Yuen, Siu Hum Tsuen, San Tin, Yuen Long

Vie-Won-Won Sugar Street CNY Market

Vie-Won-Won, a new fun and hip bar and restaurant located at Sugar Street Causeway Bay, will be hosting this Vie-Won-Won Sugar Street CNY Market from February 5-7 and 9-11. In Cantonese, the phrase “vie-won-won” means “spiritual needs,” which is also the theme of this one-of-a-kind market. There will be a ghost house inspired by supernatural stories about Sugar Street, as well as fortune-telling, magic, tattoo and handicraft brands selling crystals, candles, and craft beers to welcome the year of the ox.

Photo courtesy to vie-won-won

1pm-10pm, February 5-7, 9-11 1/F, 8 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay

Blossom in Prosperity Online Flower Market

HKTVMall, one of the city’s biggest grocery website, is hosting their first online flower market ever, since this year’s Lunar New Year Fairs are going to be downsized. The online market features 15 local florists offering over 200 flowers for your Chinese New Year decor purposes to attract good fortune for the rest of the year. Take your pick among narcissus, peach blossoms, orchids, kumquats and more. All the flowers can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

HKTVMall Blossom in Prosperity Online Flower Market