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By Michelle Chan | October 3rd, 2022

This list is for those who are looking to lead a life of romance and poetry. As the conveyor of charming aromas and soothing ambience, scented candles have become quite the household staple and an emblem of one’s disposition. Next time you embark on the quest for the scent of your dreams, why not set sail for the following candlemakers from Hong Kong?


Image: BeCandle

Situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sai Kung’s very own BeCandle has a decade of experience creating high-quality fragrance products. A tip for prospective buyers: these great packages come in limited, small batches.

Working with top perfumers from around the world, BeCandle is the proud keeper of a vast olfactory repertoire encompassing all scents you would expect from a fragrance lab and more. To give your candle-burning experience a true Hong Kong flair, check out the Sai Kung Soil collection which champions candle pots made of — you guessed it — soil from Sai Kung.

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The Wax Can

Image: The Wax Can

The Wax Can seeks your attention in its whimsical way, and it’s not shy to admit it. Well-versed in the language of “strange scents”, this homegrown candle label raises eyebrows (in the nicest way possible) with its not-so-pleasant handiworks aptly named the Stinky Collection. With notable offerings by the names of Dad Sock, Vampire Killer and Oh! Bad Baby, you could picture the stench from a mile away. 

If you do not wish a biohazardous living environment upon yourself, opting for The Wax Can’s everyday-inspired scents is certainly the perfect middle ground. 

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Ignite Candle

Image: Ignite Candle

Treat yourself to an at-home aromatherapy by getting your hands on Ignite Candle’s organic handmade candles. With a background in essential oils and a vision in sustainability, this Hong Kong-based label creates eco-friendly offerings with therapeutic properties tailored to your various needs. Here’s to your stress-free, peaceful state of being. 

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Tolight Candle

Step into Tolight Candle’s extensive scent library, take your time and take your pick (or two!). Cataloguing a roster of aromas from the floral, citrus, wood, oriental families and beyond, Tolight Candle is the fragrance label that you keep going back to — that’s also because they provide refill services.

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Scent Clinic

Image: Scent Clinic

Scent Clinic’s philosophy is that “Fragrance heals everything”. Bearing the belief that each scent is associated with a treasured memory, Scent Clinic hopes to raise your serotonin by encapsulating most scents we know and love, plus a few unexpected but certainly welcome surprises such as the mango sticky rice-inspired candle named Thailand.

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Wood Polar

Image: Wood Polar

Friends of nature and those who are getting into environmental mindfulness will find Wood Polar their new go-to fragrance brand. Championing a minimalist aesthetic and an all-natural soy formula, Wood Polar is ready to showcase its scent profile with a sophisticated affinity — no additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates or petroleum involved.

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Image: Joirmé

Local candlemaker Joirmé takes great pride in its effective fragrances. After all, it only takes 10 minutes of burning time for the label’s vibrant scents to fill the room of your choice. Do take things slow by the candle fire, however, as Joirmé is all about advocating the #MeTimeMagic. That’s right, treat Joirmé as your new bath time bestie, bedside companion and even a reading light.

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Feather Natural Studio

Image: Feather Natural Studio

Founded by a duo who experiences the challenges of sensitive skin firsthand, Feather Natural Studio is a bodycare label with soothing sensibilities. Featuring a line-up of classic light scents such as White Tea & Ginger and Sweet Pea, this atelier safeguards both your body and mind. Don’t forget to check out Feather Natural Studio’s handcrafted soaps bars to truly embrace the tranquil way of living.

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Featured Image courtesy of Ignite Candle