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By Shimron Singh | April 3rd, 2023

Nike continues to show its commitment to inspiring the younger generation through sports and sustainability. They’ve curated their first multi-purpose sustainable playground with the kid’s insights in mind, alongside with Community Designer Kay Chan. Nike and Kay Chan have joined forces to share their passion for sustainability and renovate a local primary school courtyard using Nike Grind —a circular composite from athletic footwear and waste. Ingenious.

The Global Move to Zero vision was brought to life locally in 2021 via the Shek Lei Grind Court. In this latest refurbishment, Nike invites Man Kiu Association Primary School on this Move to Zero journey. By putting kids in the spotlight and sustainability at core, Man Kiu Grind Playground has become a multi-sport play space engineered by the users themselves. With the first Nike Grind schoolyard in place, they hope to continue to foster positive play experience for the 614 little athletes and ultimately Make Sport a Daily Habit.

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