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By Ashley Soo | March 1st, 2022

Fashion lovers are surely getting bombarded with fashion week news over social media recently. The Loop HK is here to offer some sustainable alternatives that also support the community before you update your wardrobe for the coming season.


Photo: HULA website

In HULA you can find the most coveted pre-owned designer brands sourced from fashion industry insiders and their contacts. Besides offering premium second-hand clothing pieces and accessories, the house is the type of community a fast-paced city needs, and promotes sustainability and buying responsibly.

Green Ladies / Green Little

Photo: the mills website

Green Ladies, established in 2008, is Hong Kong’s first social consignment enterprise that supports middle-aged women’s employment and offers a collection of quality second-hand goods for you and your little ones at home. From designer brands with more than 50% off to small-name labels with a cult-following, Green Ladies has all it all.

Fashion Clinic

Photo: Fashion Clinic

Of course, fashion sustainability is more than reusing and restyling. Fashion Clinic, founded by a local designer duo, repairs, reshapes and redesigns pieces per their clients’ needs. A gesture to protest against the sweatshop-line-of-work in fast fashion, Fashion Clinic is all about upcycling to compensate for Hong Kong’s consumerist lifestyle.

Seven Kee

Photo: Seven Kee Facebook

Hidden in Kowloon City, Seven Kee first grabs passerbys’ attention with its antique décor. The third-generation family business presents a selection of off-price export clothing with brand names for men and women, children and toddlers, all hand-picked by its owners.

a break 93

Photo: a break 93 website

A practitioner of the sharing economy, a break 93 helps pre-loved pieces to find a new home. The boutique has nothing against shopaholics, as long as shopping is done in a responsible and sustainable way!

Mee & Gee

Photo: SCMP

This would not be a locally approved piece about sustainable fashion if we did not cover Mee & Gee, the thrift shop that has seen the changes in the Hong Kong fashion scene since the 80s. It’s fashion heaven here, especially to the ones who love thrifting for vintage Japanese workwear with a budget. Mee & Gee offers clothes ranging from $5 to $300.

Going green is not a trend, but a way of life. In fact, Hong Kong has more thrifting options to offer than one would expect if you look close enough!