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By Ashley Soo | April 25th, 2022

Mind HK, a registered S88 charity (91/16471), commissioned a survey and its result reveals that nearly half (49.4%) out of the 1000 respondents showed symptoms of mild to severe depression, 19.2% showed moderate to severe symptoms of depression, according to the Patient Health Questionnaire – 9 (PHQ – 9); while 41.3% surveyed showed symptoms of mild to severe anxiety, and 13.7% showed symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety, according to the General Anxiety Disorder – 7 Questionnaire (GAD – 7). 

In accordance with the survey, below are some of the most common factors that have negatively impacted the respondents’ mental health:

  1. Fear of family members/loved ones getting infected with COVID-19 (64.2%) 
  2. Feeling anxious about being placed in isolation/quarantine (63.7%) 
  3. Not being able to see people as frequently as you are used to (61.5%) 
  4. Not being able to go out as frequently as you are used to (60.4%) 
  5. Having been diagnosed with COVID-19 
  6. (including individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 using the Rapid Antigen Test) (55.2%) 
  7. Not being able to play sports or exercise (55.1%) 

We can only hope things to get better as the social distancing measures get lifted next week on April 21! So, hang in there! I am not a pro, but I guess it won’t hurt to try to rediscover the beauty of our home through all the new happenings in Hong Kong, and the old glamor we have taken for granted! And that’s exactly what we are for — to make exploring all the good food, cultural events and hidden gems in the city easier than it already is! 

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Please seek professional help from registered psychiatrists if you are experiencing any symptoms of depression, anxiety or any mental disorder.