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By Jefferson Mendoza | June 9th, 2019

The ThirtySix is a finalist on The Loop HK 30 Best Eats 2019

Matching drinks and food: Pair your modern-classic cocktail drink with the izakaya-inspired food menu at The ThirtySix Bar & Co, whisky and highball specialist.

Highlights of the izakaya menu include a selection of chargrilled skewers like Spanish pork belly kimchi roll or crunchy chicken “Nankotsu” cartilage. If you’re a seafood fan, chow down on the savory squid with Korean citron sauce or scallops in pesto.

Vegetarians will appreciate the crunchy edamame Kiritanpo served with wasabi-seaweed mayo; rice crackers with veggie-mocktail mousseline; or the gooey grilled cheese Daifuku.

The ThirtySix Bar & Co sets the mood for your dining experience the moment you step in. At the entrance, you’ll notice the colorful bottles of whisky on display at various stages of maturation.  Once inside, you might feel that you’re in one of the carriages of a luxurious train. Settled down on a leather booth with marble table top or pull-style couch bound with leather and set beneath vintage-esque carriage shelves.

Don’t miss the daily “two-for-one” Happy Hour, where you’ll find house wines, beers, and classic cocktails like Highballs, Margaritas, Martinis, Negronis and Old Fashioneds go for as low as $60.

FYI: The ThirtySix Bar & Co is environmentally conscious and does not single-use plastics!

Where? 2/F, 23 Hollywood Road, Central.

When? Monday-Thursday 5pm-1am; Friday-Saturday 5pm-2am.

How much? Prices start at HK$$100.

How to book? or call 36 4498/ 2336 1411.

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Written by The Loop HK for The ThirtySix.