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By Cecilia Tang | June 1st, 2017

Kwai Chung Plaza has always been the place for street snacks and cheap meals, but it’s hard to keep up when the options are always changing. Worry not — we’ve got just the guide to help you wade through this labyrinthine street food complex.

Handy tip: make sure you leave a couple hours to wander around this huge maze of a mall, and go with an empty stomach and plenty of cash and small change. Be on the lookout for Japanese hand rolls, Sichuan noodles, savory waffles and more.

Address of Kwai Chung Plaza: 1 Kwai Foo Road, Kwai Fong.

Ah Gai | 阿佳拌麵

Ah Gai's Tossed Noodles
Ah Gai’s Tossed Noodles

When you think of Taiwanese treats,  a giant cup of bubble tea might come to mind, but Ah Gai’s got something different to offer. Treat yourself to an affordable box of yellow noodles topped with braised mince pork, oozy marinated egg, tofu, and the iconic Taiwanese yellow pickled radish ($30), all tossed in soy sauce. Other signature options include tossed noodles with squid ($30) or with fish dumplings ($25).

Shop 303F, 3/F; 2385-1486.

My Star Yogurt


You can now try those ice cream rolls you keep seeing on Facebook videos right here in Hong Kong. These ice cream rolls ($36) are made to order after you pick the flavor and toppings. The cream and toppings get chopped up and frozen as the server tosses it on a flat metallic surface — giving you both a performance and a sweet treat. In the same shop you’ll also find rose petal ice cream ($34) and frozen yogurt ($19/100g) on the menu.

Shop 2013, 2/F. 

Little Jobs

Little Job's rainbow slushie gun
Little Job’s rainbow slushie gun

If you’re looking for something photogenic, Little Jobs has you covered. Apart from this rainbow gun loaded with pour-your-own slushie ($38), and nitrogen-frozen cornflakes, cheese hoops and marshmallows ($28) that will make you look like a smoking dragon, you can also get your selfie printed onto a cream soda for $25. All you have to do is Whatsapp the staff the photo of your choice and you can drink your #ootd after 3 minutes.

Shop 2008, 2/F.

Color Chacha

Color Chacha's colourful drinks
Color Chacha’s colourful drinks

Don’t worry, these colorful drinks aren’t just syrup and food coloring. Color Chacha’s specializes in handcrafted drinks, including these guava juices (from $24) mixed with other fruit juices like dragon fruit or mango. Boba lovers can try their homemade bubbles served with an array of drinks, including milk tea with yam pudding or red bean.

Shop 03-1, 2/F.

Han Ye | 韓嘢

Han Ye's grilled pork belly roll
Han Ye’s grilled pork belly roll

A must-have in the plaza, at least for us, is the Han Ye grilled pork belly roll ($28) stuffed with cabbage, kimchi, rice cake and topped with cheese grilled with a flame gun. Each roll is made to order, but it’s worth the wait just for the sinful and addictive snack. Other things on the menu include a 30-centimeter-long chicken skewer ($18) and grilled scallops ($32 for 3 pieces).

Shop C07A, 2/F.

From Thailand | 泰糯米

From Thailand's mango sticky rice
From Thailand’s mango sticky rice

Go for the $25 mango sticky rice at From Thailand, but stay for the other Thai goodies. The mango sticky rice here comes in a few rice variations. We especially like the tri-colored sticky rice in coconut (white), purple (rose) and  pandan (green) flavors. Freshly made in Kowloon City, you will also find traditional Thai sweet treats ($4 for one, $20 for six) like coconut milk kueys and mochis.

Shop C10C, 2/F. 

More Eggettes | 摩芽雞蛋仔

More Eggettes
More Eggettes

Hongkongers love a good egg waffle / egg puff / eggette, and we them even more when they come with ice cream or cool flavors. More Eggettes, a Kowloon and New Territories chain with six outlets, serves up made-to-order egg waffles or eggettes with creative fillings like Honey Stars cereal, sweet potato, and red beans.

Shop C18, 2/F.