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By Ashley Soo | March 15th, 2022

What’s it called? Wah Lai Beauty Parlour

What’s it about? Translating to “glamorous” in English, Wah Lai Beauty Parlour is one of the last-standing traditional Shanghaiese Barbershops in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong had been the destination for many who decided to flee China in the 1940s. And that was when a group of Shanghainese based here introduced Hongkongers to their barbershop culture. Many see Shanghainese barbershops as the father of the modern-day shops. Following a regular trim, you would expect a fresh shave with razors, since “they give a much cleaner shave than the electric ones”, claims every Shanghainese barber.

Where is it? Kam Pik House, Choi Hung Estate

From our Spotlight series.