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By Jefferson Mendoza | August 16th, 2018

What is it?: Vinyasa Groove provides a high intensity yoga class while listening to a live DJ set. The classes combine movement flows with breathing exercises and meditation. Inspired by the movements in the US and Europe that have made deep house yoga popular, yoga teacher Sophia Greengrass wanted to start something similar in Hong Kong.Her Vinyasa Groove classes draw on these Western movements in creating a yoga experience that’s truly unique to Hong Kong.

Her one-house classes are held twice a week at a night club. The reason? Greengrass believes her students can have a different, more enjoyable experience. Music helps with motivation, energy, and helps encourage dance-like body movements. The environment also allows students to better express themselves while enjoying dance music in a holistic and healthy way.

Yoga classes – and exercise in general – usually results in funny faces and heavy breathing. But the club space minimizes sensitivity to those issues thanks to dim lighting and entrancing beats. Students easily lose themselves during the classes. “The music and the movements fits perfectly, it’s a wonderful feeling,” says Greengrass.

 The class begins with breathing exercises (Pranayama) and a full body warm up. Next comes the Vinyasa flow sequence where mid to high tempo beats drive more energetic strengthening movements. At the end, softer tunes are used for the relaxation portion in Savasana. 

Where is it?: Minh Club, 279 Des Voeux Road Central

When?:Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00-8:00 pm

How much does it costs?HK$150 per class

What to bring?: Yoga mat, a small towel, water, and positive vibes


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