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By Jefferson Mendoza | January 30th, 2019

What is it? Trybe provides various types of fitness programs around adult gymnastics It offers rings and tumbling classes to anyone willing to learn new skills, even if you don’t have any prior experiences with the sport.

Under the guidance of John Chan, co-founder and one of the gymnastics instructors, this is a great fitness program for those who might want to relive their childhood passion for the sport.

Trybe provides beginner and advanced classes, whether it’s strengthening the upper body, learning to control one’s body using the rings, or trying to remember how it feels to jump and do a tuck combination in mid-air. Trybe allows you to regain that passion.

The ring class is much more intimate since it focuses more on upper body work. It may be daunting at first. But according to Chan, one shouldn’t be intimidated by it. He sees it as something fun to do that comprises of all the proper gymnastic techniques that come with it.

This one-hour class helps build coordination, stability, and strength as it focuses on progressions from pull-ups and dips to more advanced exercises like muscle ups, shoulder stands, and front and back rolls. You’re reminded to do your movements slowly and to take your time – a slower movement means that you’re focusing on body control.

The tumbling class is a one-hour program with more students. It begins with warm-ups to help you avoid injuries. This class covers the foundations of tumbling skills: it improves your spatial awareness, teach you how to direct your body in certain directions with the right techniques, and helps you improve your explosive power under the guidance of a coach. It’s important to know when to stop — if you start getting dizzy, take a break.

There may be some students who have had gymnastics lessons in the past in your class so don’t be discouraged. The class provides a progression program from improving your rolls, tucks, cartwheels, and round-offs. According to Chan, each student faces fear differently and he is there to help overcome them.

How much does it costs? Each class is 5 credits/$250. You can ‘pay-as-u-go’ using the Trybe credit system (1 credit = HK$50) or by purchasing their credit packs.

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