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By Jefferson Mendoza | November 12th, 2018

What is it? If you’ve always wanted to learn the basics of snowboarding, Hong Kong’s Slope Infinity allows you to get a beginner’s experience. This indoor facilitates also provides ski training for all ages and levels. Slop Infinity provides ski and snowboarding decks with dynamic instruction programs.

Even if it’s your first time, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques that’ll soon have you ready to hit the slopes. Slope Infinity first teaches newcomers how to suit up, how to balance, and what to expect on the revolving carpet. You can expect classes to be a one-on-one experience, but you can also choose a group setting. For the more experienced, training on the revolving carpet has been proven to be most effective for reinforcing your “muscle memory” and developing efficient habits and skills to improve your snowboarding or skiing techniques.

According to Yoyo Lau, instructor at Slope Infinity, a simple wrong move on the revolving carpet can force you to fall because the carpet has more frictions. For snowboarder Mediha Ting, learning the basics has enabled her to improve the skills she didn’t know she had when she first started snowboarding.

What to wear? A long-sleeve shirt, pants, and long socks.

How much does it cost? Lessons are by appointments only. Private lessons start at $600, and include the instructor’s fee, skis/snowboard, boots, and other equipment rental. Please check website for discounts.


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