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By Jefferson Mendoza | January 28th, 2019

What is it? Hong Kong Self Defence & Krav Maga provides a platform for anyone wanting to gain the confidence they need to defend themselves, should the situation arise.

World-class instructors teach a unique self-defence system using Krav Maga (a military self-defence and fighting system developed in Israel that combines techniques from boxing, wrestling, Aikido, Judo, and Karate), Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts techniques – all in a safe and fun environment at Impakt MMA fitness center.

Instructor Leandro Naja has been teaching self-defence from Brazil, his homeland. Now based in Hong Kong, he says there’s a misconception about self-defence classes. Some might first start out as shy, and scared of having their face punched or their arm broken. But this is unlikely, says Naja. Instead, classes promote a healthier approach to self-defence.

According to Naja, martial arts were created to protect oneself. When faced with a fighting situation, one should be able to protect themselves from various punches, kicks, and other maneuvers that could easily cripple an opponent.

Each student is paired with another student. Repetitive drills are done after each new technique has been introduced under the guidance of Naja.

The center offers various programs for weekly training, from beginners crash-courses to private training for all ages and fitness levels.

How much does it costs? Classes vary depending on your time. Each class is two hours, and the studio offers a three-month membership. For 1 class per week, the early-bird price for the 2019 schedule is $4,500 or 2 classes per week: $6,000.

The center also offers a one-month memberships ($2,000) for those who travel often or are unable to commit to a three-month membership because of other commitments.

Other costs: Keep in mind that students must purchase mandatory uniforms and compulsory protective equipment such as groin guards, mouth protectors, MMA gloves, shin pads, and head gear – all of which can be purchased at the Impakt MMA and fitness center.

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