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By Jefferson Mendoza | March 12th, 2019

What is it? Golden Trust Archery Hong Kong prides itself on being one of the pioneers of archery in the city. With their step-by-step approach to the sport, the center makes sure that everyone from children to adults are properly trained in the right form before taking aim and practicing their shots. And from there, it’s all about reaching new heights with archery.

The center offers various courses, from beginners to advance levels. Individuals can use either the recurve, compound or traditional bows. The center also provides other archery accessories for the avid archer.

According to Rocky Yip, founder of Golden Trust Archery Hong Kong, archery is a form of reflection. It takes concentration for each shot. One shouldn’t blame their bow, arrows, or environment if they don’t perform at the level they want to.

He says if one feels good about their results, they are encouraged to keep using the same techniques. With over 20 years of experience in the sport, Yip values the importance of embracing changes if something doesn’t work out right.

His students have represented Hong Kong at international events. He says that no one is limited to reach their true potentials in the sport. Age should not be a factor. And if someone is determined to reach the Olympics, although the chances are slim, it doesn’t mean it’s unreachable.

How much does it cost? Depends on the bow type. A recurve bow, for instance, costs $200 for a one-time lesson. Considered the fun session, this lesson lasts for two hours.

For a beginner’s course, a package of four lessons (90 minutes/lesson) costs $650 with the recurve bow.

For anyone wanting to learn archery with the traditional bow, a package of four beginner lessons (90 minutes/lesson) costs $600.

Most lessons are conducted in Cantonese. For English lessons, send a message via WhatsApp to: 6521 8288.

The center is also a great place to host archery birthday parties, team building sessions, and school training.

Where is it? 2/F, Block C, Wing Hong Factory Building, 781 Yu Chau West Street, Lai Chi Kok.

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