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By Jefferson Mendoza | August 22nd, 2018

What is it: If you’re looking for a quick one-day escape from the buzz of city life, Peng Chau Island may be the place for you. Unlike other islands like Cheung Chau or Lamma Island, Peng Chau is still to get on the tourist map.

Known as one of Hong Kong’s hidden gems, only 6,000 people call Peng Chau home. No cars are allowed, and bicycles are the only means of transport available. So prepare to walk a lot during your visit. (Read: wear comfortable shoes!) Small shops, family-run restaurants and rustic temples are the favorite gathering points for locals. To blend right in, just pull up a chair at the harborfront and settle in to soak in the sea breeze and people watch.

Life on this tiny island is slower, but there’s still tons to do. Lounge on the beaches or get lost in the rabbit-warren streets. For the actively-inclined, hike to the top of Finger Hill and enjoy sweeping vistas as far as The Eye can see. Local dim sum eateries are the biggest reason non-residents end up here, so be prepared to indulge in a huge feast. Peng Chau was once Asia’s biggest match-maker – and no, we’re not talking a pre-smartphone Tinder. Pillars of the former match factories can still be seen, and some have even been repurposed as shops and art galleries.

Where is it?:Peng Chau is situated 8 km west of Hong Kong Island, and a short distance from the southern coastline of Lantau Island. Ferry is the only way to access Peng Chau Island.

How much does it cost?: A one-way ticket from Central, Pier 6, on a regular ferry speed is priced at HK$15.90 (Monday-Saturday) or HK$22.80 (Sundays and Public Holidays).

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