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By The Loop HK Contributor | February 17th, 2021

What’s it called? Urban Mushrooms

What’s it all about? Urban Mushrooms was founded three years ago to grow mushrooms locally using low-cost and low-carbon techniques. The brand built their own sustainable farm in Tuen Mun, cultivating mushrooms using 100% organic waste such as coffee grounds and wood shavings. Urban Mushrooms specializes in oyster mushrooms, as they can be grown using various materials and can tolerate higher temperatures. The decision to use coffee grounds as the primary material comes about when they realized the city throws away an extraordinary amount of coffee grounds. The material is also high in nutritional value, which results in flavorful and plump mushrooms.

Urban Mushrooms now sells three types of oyster mushrooms, as well as dried mushrooms and mushroom powder — which is packed full of the sought-after umami taste, making it a healthy alternative to salt or chicken powder.

Where is it? Shop their fresh mushrooms by messaging Urban Mushrooms on Facebook here. Their mushroom products are available on their online store here.

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