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By Faye Bradley | March 14th, 2022

It’s been an undoubtedly tough time for Hong Kong businesses lately. But it’s the little things that make the difference these days. Pirata restaurant group has brought an exciting new concept to its myriad of ideas (which have brought us brunch, dunch and more during the COVID period). Its latest offering? PirataMart! Meet your neighborhood supply of “Good Food and Good Moods”, serving delicious, cooked meals from your favorite Pirata Group restaurants. It also includes groceries and other essential ingredients.

Known to adapt swiftly to the challenging times, Pirata Group continues to innovate. We’re all too familiar with the work-from-home situation and empty supermarket shelves, which is why the F&B group is bringing us PirataMart, launching last week.

Over the next few weeks, chefs will prepare gourmet feast menus, chef-made dishes and groceries available for takeaway and pick-up from select restaurants.

So what’s on these incredible menus, you ask?

Photo: Pirata

The Feast

Well, first thing’s first. The feast. Make home entertaining all the merrier with the limited-time Pirata Feast. This signature menu includes a handful of favorite dishes from the group’s restaurants, from Pirata, Meats and Tokyolima to The Optimist and Chaiwala.

Photo: Pirata

You can order this extravaganza from an online platform and choose to pick up from Soho’s Meats, Sheung Wan’s Honjo or Hennessy Road’s The Optimist. Impress your family or flatmates with this well-deserved pick-me-up. We’re all in need of a little guilty indulgence, after all.

Photo: Pirata

Takeaway Galore

Let’s not forget the newly-opened Italian restaurant La Favorita, which, to our delight, will be also joining PirataMart. Perched within the bustling work district of Quarry Bay, hustlers can enjoy takeaway menus. These are priced from HK$238 to HK$268, with a mix of antipasti, secondi and dolci. Meanwhile, La Favorita Dinner Feast is an ensemble of the house’s most iconic dishes. We’re talking about the Vitello Tonnato della Domenica, La Grande Burrata and delicious Gnocchetti Sadi, plus the juicy Beef Tenderloin alla Boscaiola.

As Pirata Group’s co-founder and CEO Manuel Palacio puts it: “We know grocery stores are absolutely crazy right now and manys including restaurants, supermarkets are adjusting their operation time and closing earlier, we are trying to make it as easy as possible for our guests to get food and able to restock. We are finding different ways to still be able to bring joy to guests and serve them, while creating meaningful impact in our beloved home Hong Kong during these difficult times”.

We hear that there’s more news to come on its offerings…stay tuned! Oh, and eat up!