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By The Loop HK Staff | November 21st, 2017

From our Spotlight series. 

What’s it called? Kowloon Tsai Park

What’s it all about? Originally used as a supply area for the Kai Tak Airport in the 1950s, the area was redeveloped into a park for Kowloon residents by the government in the ’60s, transforming into a 15-hectare recreational grounds with facilities such as basketball courts, a swimming pool, playgrounds and other sports grounds. (You can still see the checkerboard for the infamous runway 13 approach — nicknamed the “Kai Tak heart attack” for the terrifying turn required to land there — at the top.) The Bauhinia Garden, home to 125 bauhinia trees, is a vision when it’s in bloom during the flowering season.

Where is it? 7-9 Inverness Road, Kowloon